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2008.72: Nonuniqueness in diffusion-based optical tomography

2008.72: S.R. Arridge and W.R.B Lionheart (1998) Nonuniqueness in diffusion-based optical tomography. Optics Letters, 23 (11). pp. 882-884. ISSN 0146-9592

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DOI: 10.1364/OL.23.000882


A condition on nonuniqueness in optical tomography is stated. The main result applies to steady-state (dc) diffusion-based optical tomography, wherein we demonstrate that simultaneous unique recovery of diffusion and absorption coefficients cannot be achieved. A specific example of two images that give identical dc data is presented. If the refractive index is considered an unknown, then nonuniqueness also occurs in frequency-domain and time-domain optical tomography, if the underlying model of the diffusion approximation is employed.

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:diffuse optical tomography, uniqueness of solution
Subjects:MSC 2000 > 35 Partial differential equations
MSC 2000 > 78 Optics, electromagnetic theory
PACS 2003 > 42 Optics
MIMS number:2008.72
Deposited By:Prof WRB Lionheart
Deposited On:15 July 2008

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