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2009.36: Green Correspondence for virtually pro-p groups

2009.36: J.W. MacQuarrie (2009) Green Correspondence for virtually pro-p groups.

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Let p be prime, k a finite field of characteristic p, and G a virtually pro-p group. We prove an analogue of the Green Correspondence for finitely generated modules over the completed group algebra k[[G]].

Item Type:MIMS Preprint
Uncontrolled Keywords:modular representation theory, profinite group, relative projectivity, Green Correspondence
Subjects:MSC 2000 > 16 Associative rings and algebras
MSC 2000 > 20 Group theory and generalizations
MSC 2000 > 22 Topological groups, Lie groups
MIMS number:2009.36
Deposited By:Dr J.W. MacQuarrie
Deposited On:11 May 2009

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