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2010.24: Multiplicities of Critical Points of Invariant Functions

2010.24: James Montaldi (1993) Multiplicities of Critical Points of Invariant Functions. Matematica Contempor ˆanea, 5. pp. 93-135.

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The purpose of this expository article is to describe in an elementary and homogeneous manner, the relationship between the geometric and algebraic multiplicities of isolated critical points of holomorphic functions. In particular, I am interested in the setting where the function is invariant under some group action. The emphasis is on functions invariant under actions of finite groups as very little is known if the group is not finite. Most of the results described here are already explicitly in the literature; the only small extension is to functions that are not invariant, but equivariant under the action of a group G: a function f satisfying f(gx) = J(g).f(x) for some homomorphism J : G \to C∗. The results (in Section 7) on the multiplicity of critical points of homogeneous functions invariant under C∗ are also new.

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:Algebraic multiplicity, geometric multiplicity, representations, G-complexes
Subjects:MSC 2000 > 14 Algebraic geometry
MIMS number:2010.24
Deposited By:Dr James Montaldi
Deposited On:21 February 2010

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