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2012.97: Linear methods in the study of automorphisms

2012.97: E. I. Khukhro (2012) Linear methods in the study of automorphisms. In: XXII Brazilian Algebra Meeting, 15-20 July 2012, Salvador, Brazil.

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Motivation: Studying automorphisms and their fixed points is one of the main areas of research in Group Theory. For soluble and nilpotent groups, it is natural to use the advantages of linear methods of representation theory and Lie ring theory. For finite groups in particular, in view of the classification of finite simple groups, many questions are now largely reduced to soluble and nilpotent groups. List of topics: 1. Automorphisms as linear transformations. 2. Clifford and Hall--Higman--type theorems. 3. Bounding Fitting height. 4. Powerful $p$-groups. 5. Lie ring methods. 6. Using EXP and LOG functors. 7. Method of generalized centralizers. 8. Elimination of operators by nilpotency

Item Type:Conference or Workshop Item (Lecture)
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short course of 5 lectures

Subjects:MSC 2000 > 17 Nonassociative rings and algebras
MSC 2000 > 20 Group theory and generalizations
MIMS number:2012.97
Deposited By:Professor Evgeny Khukhro
Deposited On:18 October 2012

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