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2006.42: Time-dependent solutions for particle size segregation in shallow granular avalanches

2006.42: JMNT Gray, M Shearer and AR Thornton (2006) Time-dependent solutions for particle size segregation in shallow granular avalanches. Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 462. pp. 947-972. ISSN 1364-5021

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DOI: 10.1098/rspa.2005.1580


Rapid shallow granular free-surface flows develop in a wide range of industrial and geophysical flows, ranging from rotating kilns and blenders to rock-falls, snow slab-avalanches and debris-flows. Within these flows, grains of different sizes often separate out into inversely graded layers, with the large particles on top of the fines, by a process called kinetic sieving. In this paper, a recent theory is used to construct exact time-dependent two-dimensional solutions for the development of the particle-size distribution in inclined chute flows. The first problem assumes the flow is initially homogeneously mixed and is fed at the inflow with homogeneous material of the same concentration. Concentration shocks develop during the flow and the particles eventually separate out into inversely graded layers sufficiently far downstream. Sections with a monotonically decreasing shock height, between these layers, steepen and break in finite time. The second problem assumes that the material is normally graded, with the small particles on top of the coarse ones. In this case, shock waves, concentration expansions, non-centred expanding shock regions and breaking shocks develop. As the parameters are varied, nonlinearity leads to fundamental topological changes in the solution, and, in simple-shear, a logarithmic singularity prevents a steady-state solution from being attained.

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:particle-size segregation; kinetic sieving; inverse-grading; shocks
Subjects:MSC 2000 > 35 Partial differential equations
MSC 2000 > 70 Mechanics of particles and systems
MSC 2000 > 74 Mechanics of deformable solids
MSC 2000 > 86 Geophysics
MIMS number:2006.42
Deposited By:Dr JMNT Gray
Deposited On:24 March 2006

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