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2006.372: Local Characteristic p Completions of Weak BN-Pairs

2006.372: Christopher Parker and Peter Rowley (2006) Local Characteristic p Completions of Weak BN-Pairs. Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, 93 (2). pp. 325-394. ISSN 0024-6115

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DOI: 10.1112/S0024611506015802


This paper establishes recognition theorems for the finite Lie-type groups defined in odd characteristic $p$. The hypotheses of these theorems are couched in terms of certain local data in the form of an amalgam which is called a weak $BN$-pair of rank 2. The groups to be recognized are completions of these amalgams which satisfy the condition of being of local characteristic $p$ (a condition satisfied by the finite Lie-type groups defined in characteristic $p$). The results presented will find application in one of the ongoing revisions of the finite simple group classification.

Item Type:Article
Subjects:MSC 2000 > 20 Group theory and generalizations
MIMS number:2006.372
Deposited By:Miss Louise Stait
Deposited On:21 September 2006

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