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2007.133: Free convection in liquid gallium

2007.133: M.G. Braunsfurth, A.C. Skeldon, A. Juel, T. Mullin and D.S. Riley (1997) Free convection in liquid gallium. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 342. pp. 295-314. ISSN 0022-1120

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Free convection in liquid metals is of significant practical interest to the crystal-growing community since the adverse effects of convective instabilities in the melt phase can be frozen into the solid product. Here, we present the results of a combined numerical and experimental study of steady convective flows in a sample of liquid gallium which is heated at one end and cooled at the other. Experimental measurements of temperature distributions in the flow are compared with the standard Hadley-cell solution and with the numerical results obtained from a two-dimensional model. Excellent quantitative agreement is found between all three for low Grashof numbers but a systematic divergence between the results is seen as this parameter is increased.

Item Type:Article
Subjects:PACS 2003 > 47 Fluid dynamics
MIMS number:2007.133
Deposited By:Ms Lucy van Russelt
Deposited On:02 November 2007

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