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SDELab: stochastic differential equations with MATLAB51
NLEVP: A Collection of Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems45
Cayley, Sylvester, and Early Matrix Theory45
The Scaling and Squaring Method for the Matrix Exponential Revisited42
The Scaling and Squaring Method for the Matrix Exponential Revisited41
Applications/Algorithms Roadmapping Activity. First Stage Final Report40
Analysis of the Cholesky Decomposition of a Semi-definite Matrix39
Computing a Nearest Correlation Matrix with Factor Structure38
Post processing for stochastic parabolic partial differential equations38
Cholesky Factorization36
The Canonical Generalized Polar Decomposition34
Part 1: the reconstruction problem32
On $p$th Roots of Stochastic Matrices31
Embedding Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: A Guide to Takens' Theorem28
A Framework for Analyzing Nonlinear Eigenproblems and Parametrized Linear Systems28
The Complex Step Approximation to the Fréchet Derivative of a Matrix Function27
Interval Analysis in Matlab26
Comparison of 3D Image Reconstruction Techniques using Real Electrical Impedance Measurement Data25
Computing the Polar Decomposition---with Applications25
An Invitation to Toric Topology: Vertex Four of a Remarkable Tetrahedron.24
Functions of Matrices21
Fast polar decomposition of an arbitrary matrix21
A collection of benchmark examples for model reduction of linear time invariant dynamical systems.21
Information Geometry: Near Randomness and Near Independence20
A New Scaling and Squaring Algorithm for the Matrix Exponential19
Functions of Matrices: Theory and Computation18
A Parallel Divide and Conquer Algorithm for the Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem on Distributed Memory Architectures18
Deflating Quadratic Matrix Polynomials with Structure Preserving Transformations17
Low-rank approximation and model reduction.17
Hénon map16
Finite Elements and Fast Iterative Solvers: With Applications in Incompressible Fluid Dynamics16
Accuracy and Stability of Numerical Algorithms15
Efficient Algorithms for Computing the Condition Number of a Tridiagonal Matrix15
Computing the Nearest Correlation Matrix---A Problem from Finance15
A Preconditioned Newton Algorithm for the Nearest Correlation Matrix14
Mathematics under the Microscope14
A Review on the Numerical Solution of the 1D Euler Equations14
Mathematical abilities and mathematical skills13
Covers in finitely accessible categories13
A Survey of Condition Number Estimation for Triangular Matrices13
Computing the Fréchet Derivative of the Matrix Exponential, with an application to Condition Number Estimation13
Pure-injective modules12
Large growth factors in Gaussian elimination with pivoting12
Total Variation Regularization in Electrical Impedance Tomography12
A modified Cholesky algorithm based on a symmetric indefinite factorization12
Simple FEMs aren’t as good as we thought: experiences developing EIDORS v3.312
Preconditioning stochastic Galerkin saddle point systems11
Investigation of Properties of Some Inference Processes11
Stochastic Integration for Levy Processes with Values in Banach Spaces11
Flux balance analysis: A geometric perspective11
Algorithms for Cholesky and QR Factorizations, and the Semidefinite Generalized Eigenvalue Problem11
A consensus yeast metabolic network reconstruction obtained from a community approach to systems biology11
Invariant Manifolds and Sets11
PIFISS Potential (Incompressible) Flow & Iterative Solution Software guide11
A Note on Auto-tuning GEMM for GPUs11
The Polynomial Eigenvalue Problem10
Prediction of regulatory networks: identification of transcription factor-target relationship from gene ontology information and gene expression data10
Symplectic integrators and optimal control10
Efficient Solvers for a Linear Stochastic Galerkin Mixed Formulation of Diffusion Problems with Random Data10
The Generalized Singular Value Decomposition and the Method of Particular Solutions9
Growth Curve Models and Statistical Diagnostics9
Recent Developments in Dense Numerical Linear Algebra9
The quadratic eigenvalue problem9
Detecting Juvenile Wood in Southern Pine Logs with Brush Electrodes9
Improving the forward solver for the complete electrode model in EIT using algebraic multigrid9
Forward and Inverse Problems in Towed Cable Hydrodynamics9
The Singular Value Decomposition in Multivariate Statistics9
LAPACK-Style Codes for Pivoted Cholesky and QR Updating9
Cryptographic Applications of Non-Commutative Algebraic Structures and Investigations of Nonlinear Recursions8
The Hausdorff dimension of the projections of self-affine carpets8
Tumour glycolysis: the many faces of HIF8
Effective wave propagation in a prestressed nonlinear elastic composite bar8
Flow in Collapsible Tubes and Past Other Highly Compliant Boundaries8
Elementary properties of minimal and maximal points in Zariski spectra8
The rational points of a definable set8
Reconstruction of Grounded Objects from Cauchy Data on a Plane8
Detecting and Solving Hyperbolic Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems8
Towards Dense Linear Algebra for Hybrid GPU Accelerated Manycore Systems8
Reconstruction Algorithms for Permittivity and Conductivity Imaging8
Efficient Algorithms for the Matrix Cosine and Sine8
Adaptive time-stepping for incompressible flow Part II: Navier-Stokes Equations8
Definite Matrix Polynomials and their Linearization by Definite Pencils8
K-theory and the connection index7
Solving the Generalized Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem7
Something from nothing: bridging the gap between constraint-based and kinetic modelling7
How chaotic are strange nonchaotic attractors?7
On Spherical Classes in H*QSn7
Reviving the Method of Particular Solutions7
On group actions on free Lie algebras7
Definable Additive Categories (conference talk)7
A GSVD formulation of a domain decomposition method for planar eigenvalue problems7
A Study of Segregation in Granular Gravity Driven Free Surface Flows.7
Notes on lifting group actions7
A Survey of Componentwise Perturbation Theory7
On Reflecting Brownian Motion with Drift7
Model theory and modules7
Model theory for algebra7
Joint Longitudinal and Survival-cure Models with Constrained Parameters in Tumour Xenograft Experiments7
Stability and Convergence of the Method of Fundamental Solutions for Helmholtz problems on analytic domains7
Optimal Preconditioning for Mixed Finite Element Formulation of Second-Order Elliptic Problems7
The structure of blocks with a Klein four defect group7
Geometric Mechanics and Symmetry: The Peyresq Lectures7
An Interview with Gene Golub7
Interactions among oscillatory pathways in NF-$\kappa$B signalling6
Reaction and Diffusion on the Sierpinski Gasket6
Border collision bifurcations, snap-back repellers and chaos6
A Class of Parallel Tiled Linear Algebra Algorithms for Multicore Architectures6
A block algorithm for matrix 1-norm estimation, with an application to 1-norm pseudospectra6
Iterative Solution of a Nonsymmetric Algebraic Riccati Equation6
Capturing the essence of a metabolic network: A flux balance analysis approach6
A model to investigate the feasibility of FDG as a surrogate marker of hypoxia6
Structure sheaves of definable additive categories6
Tomographic reconstruction of stress from photoelastic measurements using elastic regularization.6
Review of ``Spectra and Pseudospectra: The Behavior of Nonnormal Matrices and Operators'', by Lloyd N. Trefethen and Mark Embree. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, USA, 2005.6
An Improved Arc Algorithm for Detecting Definite Hermitian Pairs6
Uses and abuses of EIDORS: An extensible software base for EIT6
MATLAB Toolbox for Classical Matrix Groups6
Cayley, Sylvester, and Early Matrix Theory6
Generation of anisotropic-smoothness regularization filters for EIT6
Image reconstruction in electrical impedance tomography6
Electromagnetic inverse problems for nematic liquid crystals and capacitance imaging6
Cylindrical Levy processes in Banach spaces6
Bifurcations of Snap-back Repellers with application to Border-Collision Bifurcations6
Higher Order Cumulants of Random Vectors and Applications to Statistical Inference and Time Series6
The Solution of S exp(S) = A is Not Always the Lambert W Function of A6
Analysis of a laminar premixed spray flame with modified Zeldovitch-Linan kinetics6
A brief historical perspective of the Wiener-Hopf technique6
Capturing the essence of a metabolic network: A flux balance analysis approach5
A Schur--Parlett Algorithm for Computing Matrix Functions5
Multiplicative structure of 2x2 tropical matrices5
Backward error and condition of structured linear systems5
$J$-Orthogonal Matrices: Properties and Generation5
Noncommutative geometry: illustrations from the representation theory of GL(n)5
Chest Impedance Imaging Using Trigonometric Current Patterns5
A New Scaling and Squaring Algorithm for the Matrix Exponential5
The Conditioning of Linearizations of Matrix Polynomials5
On the Definition of Two Natural Classes of Scalar Product5
Metric matroids and metric buildings5
Latent Roots and Latent Vectors5
Base change and K-theory for GL(n,R)5
Analysis of the Cholesky Decomposition of a Semi-definite Matrix5
Updating the QR factorization and the least squares problem5
Computing $f(A)b$ for Matrix Functions $f$5
Inverse problems in industry5
A three-phase mixture theory for particle size segregation in shallow granular free-surface flows5
Structured Polynomial Eigenproblems Related to Time-Delay Systems5
Computing $A^\alpha$, $\log(A)$ and Related Matrix Functions by Contour Integrals5
Scaling properties of coating flows in rectangular channels5
Boundary Shape and Electrical Impedance Tomography5
Backward Stochastic Partial Differential Equations with Jumps and Application to Optimal Control of Random Jump Fields5
oomph-lib — An Object-Oriented Multi-Physics Finite-Element Library5
Rank analysis of the anisotropic inverse conductivity problem5
A Schur-Newton Method for the Matrix p'th Root and its Inverse5
A Schanuel Property for Exponetially Transcendental Powers5
The Small World Network Structure of Boards of Directors5
Local entropy averages and projections of fractal measures5
Numerical Linear Algebra in Statistical Computing5
Adaptive time-stepping for incompressible flow. Part I: scalar advection-diffusion5
O-Minimal Structures5
A Study of the Matrix Exponential5
Scaling, Sensitivity and Stability in the Numerical Solution of Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems4
Computed eigenmodes of planar regions4
Sklyanin algebras and Hilbert schemes of points4
Toric genera4
Optimum Experimental Designs, With SAS4
On Davis-Januszkiewicz Homotopy Types II; completion and globalisation4
Recovering Riemannian metrics in monotone families from boundary data4
The cumulant process and Esscher's change of measure4
Multivariate Non-Linear Regression with Applications: A Frequency Domain Approach4
Recursive low rank Hankel approximation and model reduction.4
Least squares preconditioners for stabilized discretizations of the Navier-Stokes equations4
On odd Laplace Operators II4
Nonparametric Regression of Covariance Structures in Longitudinal Studies4
Information geometry and entropy in a stochastic epidemic rate process4
Bifurcation of a reversible Hamiltonian system from a fixed point with fourfold eigenvalue zero4
On LP-models of arithmetic4
Does Reaction-diffusion Dynamics on a Fractal Space Imply Power Law Behaviour?4
Bounding the error in Gaussian elimination for tridiagonal systems4
Migration and proliferation dichotomy in tumor cell invasion4
Flame propagation in a nonuniform mixture: analysis of a slowly varying triple flame4
Solving a quadratic matrix equation by Newton's method with exact line searches4
The Generalized Singular Value Decomposition and the Method of Particular Solutions4
Symmetric Linearizations for Matrix Polynomials4
Review of Bridges from Classical to Nonmonotonic Logic by David Makinson4
Quantum mushroom billiards4
Symmetric Hamiltonian Bifurcations4
A Newton Algorithm for the Nearest Correlation Matrix4
Definable additive categories: purity and model theory4
Topics in Information Geometry4
Vortex dynamics on cylinders4
Evaluating Deformation Corrections in Electrical Impedance Tomography4
Shock wave interaction with viscous wake in supersonic flow4
Analysis of the inverse problem for determining nematic liquid crystal director profiles from optical measurements using singular value decomposition.4
Scaling, Sensitivity and Stability in the Numerical Solution of Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems4
On the problem of stochastic integral representations of functionals of the Browian motion II4
Convolutions of Cantor measures without resonance4
A note on the least informative model of a theory4
Analysis of the Cholesky Method with Iterative Refinement for Solving the Symmetric Definite Generalized Eigenproblem4
Matrix powers in finite precision arithmetic4
Homoclinic Snaking near a Heteroclinic Cycle in Reversible Systems4
Structured pseudospectra for polynomial eigenvalue problems, with applications4
A Schur-Newton Method for the Matrix p'th Root and its Inverse4
Fiedler Companion Linearizations and the Recovery of Minimal Indices4
The accumulation of boundary doubling for modified tent maps4
A Black-Box Multigrid Preconditioner for the Biharmonic Equation4
The effect of noise on pitchfork and Hopf bifurcations4
R-groups and geometric structure in the representation theory of SL(N)4
Stability analysis of algorithms for solving confluent Vandermonde-like systems4
Estimating Gramians of large-scale time-varying systems.4
The Problem with the Linpack Benchmark 1.0 Matrix Generator4
Ownership and Control: A Small-World Analysis3
Semiparametric Mean-Covariance Regression Analysis for Longitudinal Data3
Stability and Convergence of the Method of Fundamental Solutions for Helmholtz problems on analytic domains3
The Ariel Project: A prospective cohort study of maternal-child transmission of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 in the era of maternal antiretroviral therapy3
Iterative Solution of a Nonsymmetric Algebraic Riccati Equation3
The Zariski spectrum of the category of finitely presented modules3
Notes on Hyperbolic Matrix Polynomials and Definite Linearizations3
A Jacobi-Davidson type projection method for nonlinear eigenvalue problems3
Variable Selection for Joint Mean and Covariance Models via Penalized Likelihood3
Parallel Block Hessenberg Reduction using Algorithms-By-Tiles for Multicore Architectures Revisited3
A Note on Weak and Strong Linearizations of Regular Matrix Polynomials3
Computing $A^\alpha$, $\log(A)$ and Related Matrix Functions by Contour Integrals3
A New Scaling and Squaring Algorithm for the Matrix Exponential3
Codes for spread spectrum applications generated using chaotic dynamical systems3
Krylov subspace iterative techniques: on the detection of brain activity with electrical impedance tomography3
Geometric structure in the principal series of the p-adic group G_23
On the dimension of iterated sumsets3
Algorithmic Based Fault Tolerance Applied to High Performance Computing3
A class of blocks behaving like blocks of p-solvable groups3
Computing the Polar Decomposition and the Matrix Sign Decomposition in Matrix Groups3
Serial Rings3
A short review on Landsberg spaces3
Statistical Analysis and Time Series Models for Minimum/Maximum Temperatures in the Antarctic Peninsula3
Directional effect of a magnetic field on oscillatory low-Prandtl-number convection3
Why are (the best) women so good at chess? Participation rates and gender differences in intellectual domains3
A Preconditioned Newton Algorithm for the Nearest Correlation Matrix3
Viscous linear stability analysis of rectangular duct and cavity flows3
From finite to infinite dimensional dynamical systems3
On varieties of representations of finite groups3
Interpretation, coordination and conformity3
Recursive calculation of dominant singular subspaces.3
The Hinfinity-norm calculation for large sparse systems.3
A Survey of Numerical Aspects of Plane Rotations3
Geometric methods for anisotopic inverse boundary value problems.3
Review: Practical Design and Analysis of 2-Colour cDNA Microarray Experiments3
Once again on the supersonic flow separation near a corner3
Second order structures for sprays and connections on Fréchet manifolds3
The PlayStation 3 for High Performance Scientific Computing3
Routes to Chaos3
Torsion classes of finite type and spectra3
A Formal Framework for User-centric Control of Multi-Agent Cyber-physical Systems3
A new bound for the smallest x with \pi(x) > \li(x)3
$\varepsilon$-constants and equivariant Arakelov-Euler characteristics3
Infinite dimensional second order differential equations via $T^2M$3
The equivariant cohomology of weighted projective spaces3
Modular representation theory of blocks with trivial intersection defect groups3
GREIT: towards a consensus EIT algorithm for lung images,3
Numerical Modelling of Eulerian Two-Phase Gas-Solid Flow3
Lie powers and Witt vectors3
On symmetric invariants of centralisers in reductive Lie algebras3
Classifying Serre subcategories of finitely presented modules3
Finite presentation and purity in categories σ[M]3
Enveloping algebras of Slodowy slices and the Joseph ideal3
Magnetohydrodynamic convection in molten gallium3
Heights of characters in blocks3
Model category structures arising from Drinfeld vector bundles3
Some model theory of sheaves of modules3
Homotopy Decompositions and K-theory of Bott Towers3
Deflating Quadratic Matrix Polynomials3
Rationality as conformity3
Metamathematics of Elementary Mathematics3
Structured Eigenvalue Condition Numbers3
Localised Bombieri-Vinogradov theorems in imaginary quadratic fields3
On the Spectral Density Estimation of Periodically Correlated (Cyclostationary) Time Series3
The Steady Propagation of an Air Finger into a Rectangular Tube3
H(div) Preconditioning for a Mixed Finite Element Formulation of the Stochastic Diffusion Problem3
Structured Condition Numbers and Backward Errors in Scalar Product Spaces3
Jordan Structures of Alternating Matrix Polynomials3
Mathematical modelling of tumour acidity3
Bifurcation and forced symmetry breaking in Hamiltonian systems3
Second Order Structure Preserving Balanced Truncation.3
Combinatorics of simple polytopes and differential equations3
Optimal Scaling for Random walk Metropolis on spherically constrained target densities3
Nilpotent commuting varieties of reductive Lie algebras3
An inverse boundary value problem for harmonic differential forms2
Symmetric Hamiltonian Bifurcations2
Optimal scaling of generalized and polynomial eigenvalue problems2
Visible parts of fractal percolation2
A generalized second order frame bundle for Fréchet manifolds2
Structured Eigenvalue Condition Numbers2
Metabolic Pathway Modeling by Using the Nearest Neighbor Algorithm2
The problem of Anisotropy in Electrical Impedance Tomography2
Perfect generalized characters inducing the Alperin-McKay conjecture2
Quasi-Monte Carlo estimation in generalized linear mixed models2
Level of repair analysis and minimum cost homomorphisms of graphs2
Computing the Geodesic Interpolating Spline2
Spin-up of homogeneous and stratified fluids2
Cayley, Sylvester, and Early Matrix Theory2
A simple yet effective a posteriori estimator for classical mixed approximation of Stokes equations2
Spatial interaction among nontoxic phytoplankton, toxic phytoplankton, and zooplankton:Emergence in space and time2
The Complex Step Approximation to the Fréchet Derivative of a Matrix Function2
The Weak Euler Scheme for Stochastic Differential Delay Equations2
Structured Linearizations for Matrix Polynomials2
Backward Error of Polynomial Eigenproblems Solved by Linearization2
The Bretherton Problem in Elastic-Walled Channels: Finite Reynolds Number Effects2
Large Modelling Conditional Covariance in the Linear Mixed Model2
Structured Polynomial Eigenvalue Problems: Good Vibrations from Good Linearizations2
Complex structure on the smooth dual of GL(n)2
First/second order transformation system. Tentative proof2
Viscous-inviscid interaction in transonic Prandtl-Meyer flow2
Optimization by direct search in matrix computations2
Newton's Method in Floating Point Arithmetic and Iterative Refinement of Generalized Eigenvalue Problems2
Symplectic, BVD, and Palindromic Approaches to Discrete-Time Control Problems2
Structured backward error and condition of generalized eigenvalue problems2
Ranking the Importance of Boards of Directors2
Exact solutions of the 3-wave resonant interaction equation2
Model Reduction of Second-Order Systems.2
Analysis of a nonlinear dynamics model of the saccadic system2
Tridiagonal-diagonal reduction of symmetric indefinite pairs2
When gap solitons become embedded solitons: a generic unfolding2
Shock waves, dead-zones and particle-free regions in rapid granular free surface flows2
Accretion disc dynamos opened up by external magnetic fields2
Embedding Theorems for Non-uniformly Sampled Dynamical Systems2
Surface tension-driven convection patterns in two liquid layers2
Nonlinear magnetic diffusion and magnetic helicity transport in galactic dynamos2
Relative equilibria of point vortices on the sphere2
Quotient spaces and critical points of invariant functions for C*-actions2
Model reduction of second order systems2
A class of noncommutative projective surfaces2
Perfect isometries and the Alperin-McKay conjecture2
LAPACK-Style Codes for Pivoted Cholesky and QR Updating2
A note on vertices of simple modules2
Krull-Gabriel dimension of 1-domestic string algebras2
On Davis-Januszkiewicz homotopy types I; formality and rationalisation2
The Hooley-Huxley contour method for problems in number fields II: factorization and divisibility2
Algorithm 866: IFISS, a Matlab toolbox for modelling incompressible flow2
Model reduction of time-varying systems.2
Cache Efficient Bidiagonalization Using BLAS 2.5 Operators2
Pure-injectivity and model theory for G-sets2
Human Dimension of Mathematics2
Model theory of comodules2
Modelling Heterogeneous Covariances in the Growth Curve Models2
Stochastic Resonance in Vision: Models and Data2
Numerical solution of the Navier-Stokes equations for the flow in a cylinder cascade2
Symplectic group actions and covering spaces2
Passage times of random walks and Lévy processes across power law boundaries2
Model-theoretic imaginaries and coherent sheaves2
Infinite dimensional second order differential equations via $T^2M$2
Recovery Patterns for Iterative Methods in a Parallel Unstable Environment2
Circle actions on toric manifolds and their applications2
Some local definability theory for holomorphic functions2
On the rational subset problem for groups2
A note on quantum chaology and gamma approximations to eigenvalue spacings for infinite random matrices2
Efficient order selection algorithms for integer valued ARMA processes2
Eye movement instabilities and nystagmus can be predicted by a nonlinear dynamics model of the saccadic system2
The Effects of State Dependent and State Independent Probabilistic Updating on Boolean Network Dynamics2
The generating hypothesis in the derived category of a ring2
Vector Spaces of Linearizations for Matrix Polynomials2
Standard tableaux and Klyachko's Theorem on Lie representations2
Nilpotent orbits in good characteristic and the Kempf-Rousseau theory2
Functions of Matrices2
Topics in Matrix Computations: Stability and Efficiency of Algorithms2
Optimal Scaling of Random Walk Metropolis algorithms with Discontinuous target densities2
Structured Factorizations in Scalar Product Spaces2
On Levy Processes Conditioned to Stay Positive2
Magnetic Fields in barred galaxies: II Dynamo models2
Delay differential equations driven by Lévy processes: Stationarity and Feller properties2
An Introduction to the Quality of Computed Solutions2
Spin-up of a two-layer rotating stratified fluid in a variable depth container2
Renormalization for the boundary of chaos in piecewise monotonic maps with a single discontinuity2
Lie powers of relation modules for groups2
Magnetohydrodynamic damping of oscillations in low-Prandtl-number convection2
Lie powers and pseudo-idempotents2
The Mathematics of Motion Camouflage2
Some Issues in Dense Linear Algebra for Multicore and Special Purpose Architectures2
Magnetic fields in barred galaxies V. Modelling NGC 13652
Symmetric Linearizations for Matrix Polynomials2
The steady propagation of a semi-infinite bubble into a tube of elliptical or rectangular cross-section2
Breaking size-segregation waves and particle recirculation in granular avalanches2
The Zariski spectrum of the category of finitely presented modules2
Efficient preconditioning of the linearized Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible flow2
The n-valued groups: results and prospectives2
Reconstruction algorithm for the linearized polarization tomography problem with incomplete data.2
Nilpotent blocks of quasisimple groups for odd primes2
An Iterative Method for Electrostatic Object Reconstruction in a Half Space2
Using human immunodeficiency virus type 1 sequences to infer historical features of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome epidemic and human immunodeficiency virus evolution2
A Schur-Newton Method for the Matrix p'th Root and its Inverse2
A Lemon is not a Monstar: visualization of singularities of symmetric second rank tensor fields in the plane.2
Geometric Brownian Motion with delay: mean square characterisation2
On the Value of Optimal Stopping Games2
Steady finite-Reynolds-number flows in three-dimensional collapsible tubes2
Calculating the $\mathcal{H}_{\infty}$-Norm of Large Sparse Systems via Chandrasekhar Iterations and Extrapolations2
Mixed Precision Iterative Refinement Techniques for the Solution of Dense Linear Systems2
Splitting for dissipative particle dynamics2
Two-heteroclinic orbits emerging in the reversible homoclinic pitchfork bifurcation2
A note on quantum chaology and gamma approximations to eigenvalue spacings for infinite random matrices2
Didactic Transformation1
Using Mixed Precision for Sparse Matrix Computations to Enhance the Performance while Achieving 64-bit Accuracy1
Structured Mapping Problems for Matrices Associated with Scalar Products Part I: Lie and Jordan Algebras1
Structured Polynomial Eigenvalue Problems: Good Vibrations from Good Linearizations1
Perturbation theory for homogeneous polynomial eigenvalue problems1
Limitations of the PlayStation 3 for High Performance Cluster Computing1
Generalized symmetric powers and a generalization of the Kolmogorov-Gel'fand-Buchstaber-Rees theory1
Snaking of multiple homoclinic orbits in reversible systems1
Coxeter Matroids1
Black-Box Preconditioning for Self-Adjoint Elliptic PDEs1
Global attractors of pinched skew products1
Free convection in liquid gallium1
Structured Linearizations for Matrix Polynomials1
Numerical methods for palindromic eigenvalue problems: Computing the anti-triangular Schur form1
Approximating the logarithm of a matrix to specified accuracy1
Pricing financial claims contingent upon an underlying asset monitored at discrete times1
New relations in the algebra of the Baxter Q-operators1
Capturing the essence of a metabolic network: A flux balance analysis approach1
Particle-size segregation and diffusive remixing in shallow granular avalanches1
Stability of a method for multiplying complex matrices with three real matrix multiplications1
Permutation groups of finite Morley rank1
Cross-Subtype T-Cell Immune Responses Induced by a Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Group M Consensus Env Immunogen1
Stability of learning dynamics in two-agent, imperfect-information games1
Set-theoretical solutions to the Yang-Baxter Relation from factorization of matrix polynomials and theta functions1
Dynamics of poles with variable strengths and optical analogies1
Stability of parallel triangular system solvers1
A new approach for MOR of second order Dynamical Systems1
Recursive Gramian and Hankel map approximation of large dynamical systems.1
Milnor attractors and topological attractors of a piecewise linear map1
Plancherel measure for GL(n,F) and GL(m,D): Explicit formulas and Bernstein decomposition1
Universal connection and curvature for statistical manifold geometry1
Strangely Dispersed Minimal Sets in the Quasiperiodically Forced Arnold Circle Map1
Delay embedding in the presence of dynamical noise1
Linearizations of Singular Matrix Polynomials and the Recovery of Minimal Indices1
The reopening of a collapsed fluid-filled elastic tube1
Intrinsic correlation in planar Poisson line processes1
The effect of surface tension on trapped modes in water-wave problems1
Solving Systems of Linear Equations on the CELL Processor Using Cholesky Factorization1
Variations on a theme of Timmesfeld: a finite group-theoretic analogue of the classification of groups of finite Morley rank and even type1
Posets of matrices, and permutations with forbidden subsequences1
Golden gaskets: variations on the Sierpinski sieve1
Openness of momentum maps and persistence of extremal relative equilibria1
Monodromy of certain Painlevé-VI transcendents and reflection groups1
A measure of the information content of EIT data1
Isotropic Flow of Homeomorphisms on S^d with Respect to the Metric H^{(d+2)/2}1
Nonuniqueness in diffusion-based optical tomography1
Mutual information and capacity of a linear digital channel1
One-sided indecomposable pure-injective modules over string algebras1
Periodic solutions of discrete Volterra equations1
On the entropy flows to disorder1
Rationality as conformity1
The unsteady Kàrmàn problem for a dilute particle suspension1
Computing the Condition Number of Tridiagonal and Diagonal-Plus-Semiseparable Matrices in Linear Time1
Computing the Conditioning of the Components of a Linear Least Squares Solution1
Electrical Impedance Tomography for high speed chest imaging1
Multicomponent integrable wave equations: I. Darboux-dressing transformation1
Functions Preserving Matrix Groups and Iterations for the Matrix Square Root1
Tomographic reconstruction of stress from photoelastic measurements using elastic regularization.1
Definite Matrix Polynomials and their Linearization by Definite Pencils1
Critical exponents for groups of isometries1
Improved error bounds for underdetermined system solvers1
Nilpotent blocks of quasisimple groups for the prime two1
Singular value decomposition of multi-companion matrices1
An incremental method for computing dominant singular subspaces1
Three-dimensional airway reopening: the steady propagation of a semi-indefinite bubble into a buckled elastic tube1
Vorticity structuring and velocity rolls triggered by gradient shear bands1
Bordism groups of immersions and classes represented by self-intersections1
Lyapunov exponents for linear delay equations in arbitrary phase spaces1
Overshoots and undershoots of Lévy Processes1
Asymptotic matching constraints for a boundary-layer flow of a power-law fluid1
Definable additive categories: purity and model theory1
How Elegant Code Evolves with Hardware: The Case of Gaussian Elimination1
Time-dependent solutions for particle size segregation in shallow granular avalanches1
Testing Nonstationary Time Series for Gaussianity and Linearity using the Evolutionary Bispectrum: An application to Internet Traffic Data1
Permutation groups of finite Morley rank: an Oberwolfach talk1
A Note on Priest’s Finite Inconsistent Arithmetics1
When maximising entropy gives the rational closure1
On the ratio X/Y for some elliptically symmetric distributions1
Anomalous bubble propagation in elastic tubes1
Solutions of affine stochastic functional differential equations in the state space1
Bordism classes represented by multiple point manifolds of immersed manifolds1
Bounded super real closed rings1
About a homoclinic pitchfork bifurcation in reversible systems with additional Z2-symmetry1
Model reduction of switched dynamical systems1
The Conditioning of Linearizations of Matrix Polynomials1
Ranking the Importance of Boards of Directors1
Conjugate connections and differential equations on infinite dimensional manifolds1
Three-dimensional free convection in molten gallium1
Nonaxisymmetric magnetic field generation in rapidly rotating late-type stars1
A Functional Limit Theorem for Random Walk Conditioned to Stay Non-negative1
The universal equivariant genus and Krichever's formula1
A theory for particle size segregation in shallow granular free-surface flows1
A note on the geometry of linear Hamiltonian systems of signature 0 in R41
A posteriori error bounds for discrete balanced truncation1
The emergence of reasons conjecture1
Optimal Preconditioning for Raviart-Thomas Mixed Formulation of Second-Order Elliptic Problems1
Symmetric Linearizations for Matrix Polynomials1
Model-Updating for Symmetric Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems1
Optimal scaling for partially updating MCMC algorithms1
Complex cobordism classes of homogeneous spaces1
Modelling of congenital nystagmus waveforms produced by saccadic system abnormalities1
Benchmark examples for model reduction of linear time invariant dynamical systems.1
Experience with a Matrix Norm Estimator1
A Continuum of Inductive Methods arising from a Generalized Principle of Instantial Relevance1
Stochastic Evolution Equations Driven by Compensated Poisson Measures: Existence, Uniqueness and Large Deviation Estimates1
Persistence and stability of relative equilibria1
Symmetric Linearizations for Matrix Polynomials1
Definite Matrix Polynomials and their Linearization by Definite Pencils1
Recursive estimation and order determination of space-time autoregressive processes1
Pseudo completions and completions in stages of o-minimal structures1
Model-theoretic imaginaries and coherent sheaves1
Parallel Band Two-Sided Matrix Bidiagonalization for Multicore Architectures1
Toric Topology of Stasheff Polytopes1
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Unusual phenomena in an extreme bushfire1
Quantum mushroom billiards1
Green Correspondence for virtually pro-p groups1
Topological Wiener-Wintner ergodic theorems via non-abelian Lie group extensions1
Recent developments in the asymptotic theory of separated flows. Leverhulme lectures - lecture notes.1
Detecting and Solving Hyperbolic Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems1
Perturbation, Computation and Refinement of Invariant Subspaces for Matrix Polynomials1
Relative Equilibria of Molecules1
Heirs of box types in polynomially bounded structures1
Transverse flows in rapidly oscillating elastic cylindrical shells1
On the Definition of Two Natural Classes of Scalar Product1
Nonlinear time series analysis of jerk congenital nystagmus1
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Vector Spaces of Linearizations for Matrix Polynomials1
Netlib and NA-Net: building a scientific computing community1
Dynamics of a hybrid thermostat model with discrete sampling time control1
On transonic viscous-inviscid interaction1
Blocking response surface designs1
Stochastic and Deterministic Analysis of SIS Household Epidemics1
Structured Mapping Problems for Matrices Associated with Scalar Products Part I: Lie and Jordan Algebras1
Modular representations of profinite groups1
Iterative Solution of a Nonsymmetric Algebraic Riccati Equation1
The problem of differentiation of an Abelian function over its parameters1
The Ehrlich--Aberth Method for the Nonsymmetric Tridiagonal Eigenvalue Problem1
The relation between local and global dual pairs1
A high resolution scheme for Eulerian gas-solid two-phase isentropic flow1
A signalizer functor theorem for groups of finite Morley rank1
Llama: an online microarray linear analysis tool1
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A Chart of Backward Errors for Singly and Doubly Structured Eigenvalue Problems1
The nonsmooth pitchfork bifurcation1
Optimal scaling of generalized and polynomial eigenvalue problems1
Curve Crossing for the Reflected Process1
Injective objects in triangulated categories1
Linearizations of Singular Matrix Polynomials and the Recovery of Minimal Indices1
Conjugacy problem in HNN-extensions: regular elements and black holes1
A Lemon is not a Monstar: visualization of singularities of symmetric second rank tensor fields in the plane.1
Structured Mapping Problems for Matrices Associated with Scalar Products Part I: Lie and Jordan Algebras1
Palindromic Polynomial Eigenvalue Problems: Good Vibrations from Good Linearizations1
Stability of Structured Hamiltonian Eigensolvers1
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