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2017.27: A.V. Borisov, L.C. García-Naranjo, I.S. Mamaev and J. Montaldi
Reduction and relative equilibria for the 2-body problem in spaces of constant curvature
12 August 2017, MIMS Preprint. [Deposited 12 August 2017]
2017.26: T. Shearer, C.T. Thorpe and H.R.C. Screen
The relative compliance of energy-storing tendons may be due to the helical fibril arrangement of their fascicles
2017, Article. [Deposited 12 August 2017]
2016.33: Peter Kandolf and Samuel D. Relton
A Block Krylov Method to Compute the Action of the Frechet Derivative of a Matrix Function on a Vector with Applications to Condition Number Estimation
2017, Article. [Deposited 12 August 2017]

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