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Latest Additions to MIMS EPrints


2015.109: CTJ Dodson, G Galanis and E Vassiliou
Geometry in a Fréchet Context A Projective Limit Approach
December 2015, Book. Item availability restricted. [Deposited 30 November 2015]
2015.108: CTJ Dodson
Information distance estimation between mixtures of multivariate Gaussians
21 September 2015, Conference or Workshop Item. [Deposited 30 November 2015]


2015.107: Volker Mehrmann, Vanni Noferini, Francoise Tisseur and Hongguo Xu
On the sign characteristics of Hermitian matrix polynomials
27 November 2015, MIMS Preprint. [Deposited 27 November 2015]

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