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Latest Additions to MIMS EPrints


2014.55: S. D. Relton
Algorithms for Matrix Functions and their Frechet Derivatives and Condition Numbers
29 October 2014, Thesis. [Deposited 29 October 2014]
2014.53: Christian Schröder and Leo Taslaman
Backward error analysis of the shift-and-invert Arnoldi algorithm
23 October 2014, MIMS Preprint. [Deposited 29 October 2014]


2014.54: Nicholas J. Higham, Natasa Strabic and Vedran Sego
Restoring Definiteness via Shrinking, with an Application to Correlation Matrices with a Fixed Block
28 October 2014, MIMS Preprint. Item availability restricted. [Deposited 28 October 2014]

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