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2015.65: David Ward
Topics in Finite Groups: Homology Groups, Pi-product Graphs, Wreath Products and Cuspidal Characters
28 July 2015, Thesis. [Deposited 29 July 2015]


2015.64: Catherine E. Powell, David Silvester and Valeria Simoncini
An Efficient Reduced Basis Solver for Stochastic Galerkin Matrix Equations
27 July 2015, MIMS Preprint. [Deposited 27 July 2015]
2015.63: Crabb Michael
The Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Conservation Laws
2010, Thesis. [Deposited 27 July 2015]
2015.10: Paul Glendinning
Invariant measures for the n-dimensional border collision normal form
2014, MIMS Preprint. [Deposited 27 July 2015]

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