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2015.24: Vanni Noferini and Javier Perez Alvaro
Chebyshev rootfinding via computing eigenvalues of colleague matrices: when is it stable?
01 April 2015, MIMS Preprint. [Deposited 01 April 2015]


2015.23: Jennifer Pestana, Richard Muddle, Matthias Heil, Francoise Tisseur and Milan Mihajlovic
Efficient block preconditioning for a C1 finite element discretisation of the Dirichlet biharmonic problem
31 March 2015, MIMS Preprint. [Deposited 31 March 2015]
2014.59: Mario Berljafa and Stefan Güttel
Generalized rational Krylov decompositions with an application to rational approximation
28 November 2014, MIMS Preprint. [Deposited 31 March 2015]
2014.45: Graham Niblo, Roger Plymen and Nick Wright
Affine Weyl groups and Langlands duality
02 September 2014, MIMS Preprint. [Deposited 31 March 2015]

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