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2006.33: William J Parnell and I David Abrahams (2005) Dynamic homogenization in periodic fibre reinforced media. Quasi-static limit for SH waves. Wave Motion, 43 (6). pp. 474-498. ISSN 0165-2125

2006.135: William J Parnell (2005) Coupled thermoelasticity in a composite half-space. Journal of Engineering Mathematics. ISSN 0022-0833

2007.78: William J Parnell (2007) Effective wave propagation in a prestressed nonlinear elastic composite bar. IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, 72 (2). pp. 223-244. ISSN 1464-3634

2012.33: William J. Parnell (2012) Nonlinear pre-stress for cloaking from antiplane elastic waves. Proceedings of the Royal Society, 468 (2138). pp. 563-580.

2012.32: Natasha Willoughby, William J. Parnell, Andrew L. Hazel and I David Abrahams (2011) Homogenization Methods to Approximate the Effective Response of Random Fibre-reinforced Composites. International Journal of Solids and Structures.

2012.31: William J. Parnell, Andrew N. Norris and Tom Shearer (2012) Employing pre-stress to generate finite cloaks for antiplane elastic waves. Applied Physics Letters.

2015.72: William J. Parnell (2015) The Hill and Eshelby tensors for ellipsoidal inhomogeneities in the Newtonian potential problem and linear elastostatics.