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MIMS number: 2009

Number of items: 103.

2009.105: Yunjiao Wang, David S. Broomhead, Caroline A. Horton, Douglas B. Kell and Michael R. H. White (2009) Oscillations in the NF-κB Signaling Pathway.

2009.104: Yunjiao Wang, Pawel Paszek, Caroline A. Horton, Yue Hong, Michael R. H. White, Douglas B. Kell, Mark R. Muldoon and David S. Broomhead (2012) A systematic survey of the response of a model NF-κB signalling pathway to TNFα stimulation. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 297. pp. 137-147. ISSN 0022-5193

2009.103: Gemma LLoyd (2009) Morse Theory for Invariant Functions and its Application to the n-Body Problem. PhD thesis, Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences, The University of Manchester.

2009.102: Kieran Smallbone, Evangelos Simeonidis, Neil Swainston and Pedro Mendes (2010) Towards a genome-scale kinetic model of cellular metabolism. BMC Systems Biology, 4. 6.

2009.101: Rigmor C. Baraas, Janus J. Kulikowski and Mark R. Muldoon (2010) Bar-like S-cone stimuli reveal the importance of an intermediate temporal filter. Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 27 (4). pp. 766-780. ISSN 1749-9097

2009.100: Marcus J. Tindall, Louise Dyson, Kieran Smallbone and Philip K. Maini (2012) Modelling acidosis and the cell cycle in multicellular tumour spheroids. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 298. pp. 107-115.

2009.99: Alexander G. Shaw, Robert J. Platt, Jennifer K. Withers, Nils Blüthgen, Kieran Smallbone and Dean A. Jackson (2009) A stochastic-hybrid Model of DNA replication in mammalian cells.

2009.97: Peter Rowley and Paul Taylor (2009) Involutions in Janko's Simple Group J4.

2009.96: Kieran D Smallbone, Philip K Maini and Robert A Gatenby (2010) Episodic, transient systemic acidosis delays evolution of the malignant phenotype: Possible mechanism for cancer prevention by increased physical activity. Biology Direct, 5 (22).

2009.95: Peter Rowley and Paul Taylor (2010) Normalizers of 2-subgroups in black-box groups. LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics, 13. pp. 307-319. ISSN 1461-1570

2009.94: R. M. Bryant and Marianne Johnson (2009) Adams operations on the Green ring of a cyclic group of prime-power order.

2009.93: Kieran Smallbone (2009) One lump or two?

2009.92: Paul Johnson (2008) IMPROVED NUMERICAL TECHNIQUES FOR OCCUPATION-TIME DERIVATIVES AND OTHER COMPLEX FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS. PhD thesis, Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences, The University of Manchester.

2009.91: I. Arhosalo, E. Järvenpää, M. Järvenpää, M. Rams and P. Shmerkin (2009) Visible parts of fractal percolation.

2009.90: Victor M Buchstaber, Taras E Panov and Nigel Ray (2009) Toric genera.

2009.89: Dietrich Notbohm and Nigel Ray (2008) On Davis-Januszkiewicz Homotopy Types II; completion and globalisation. Algebraic and Geometric Topology, To appear. ISSN 1472-2747

2009.88: Catherine E. Powell and Elisabeth Ullmann (2009) Preconditioning stochastic Galerkin saddle point systems.

2009.87: Rüdiger Borsdorf, Nicholas J. Higham and Marcos Raydan (2010) Computing a Nearest Correlation Matrix with Factor Structure. SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 31 (5). pp. 2603-2622. ISSN 1095-7162

2009.86: Nicholas J. Higham (2009) The Scaling and Squaring Method for the Matrix Exponential Revisited. SIAM Review, 51 (4). pp. 747-764. ISSN 0036-1445

2009.85: Anne Trefethen, Nicholas J. Higham, Iain Duff and Peter Coveney (2009) Applications/Algorithms Roadmapping Activity. First Stage Final Report.

2009.84: Anne Trefethen, Nicholas J. Higham, Iain Duff and Peter Coveney (2009) Developing a High-Performance Computing/Numerical Analysis Roadmap. International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, 23 (4). 423- 426. ISSN 1094-3420

2009.83: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum and Roger Plymen (2009) Geometric structure in the principal series of the p-adic group G_2.

2009.82: Sergio Mendes and Roger Plymen (2009) Base change and K-theory for GL(n,R).

2009.81: Roger Plymen (1993) Noncommutative geometry: illustrations from the representation theory of GL(n). In: Representation theory of algebraic groups over local fields and applications, 26 July - 6 August 1993, Valparaiso and Santiago, Chile.

2009.80: Tayyab Kamran and Roger Plymen (2009) K-theory and the connection index.

2009.79: Matthias Heil and Andrew L Hazel (2006) oomph-lib — An Object-Oriented Multi-Physics Finite-Element Library. Fluid-Structure Interaction, 53. pp. 19-49. ISSN 1439-7358

2009.78: Matthias Heil (2001) The Bretherton Problem in Elastic-Walled Channels: Finite Reynolds Number Effects. In: IUTAM Symposium on Free Surface Flows, 10-14 July 2000, Birmingham, UK.

2009.77: Fernando De Teran, Froilan M. Dopico and D. Steven Mackey (2009) Fiedler Companion Linearizations and the Recovery of Minimal Indices.

2009.76: Septimiu Crivei, Mike Prest and Blas Torrecillas (2009) Covers in finitely accessible categories.

2009.75: Qifeng Liao and David Silvester (2010) A simple yet effective a posteriori estimator for classical mixed approximation of Stokes equations. Applied Numerical Mathematics. ISSN 0168-9274

2009.74: Marianne Johnson and Mark Kambites (2009) Multiplicative structure of 2x2 tropical matrices.

2009.73: Michael Hochman and Pablo Shmerkin (2009) Local entropy averages and projections of fractal measures.

2009.72: Jörg Schmeling and Pablo Shmerkin (2009) On the dimension of iterated sumsets.

2009.71: Fedor Nazarov, Yuval Peres and Pablo Shmerkin (2009) Convolutions of Cantor measures without resonance.

2009.70: Andrew Ferguson, Thomas Jordan and Pablo Shmerkin (2009) The Hausdorff dimension of the projections of self-affine carpets.

2009.69: Jainbei An and Charles W. Eaton (2005) Modular representation theory of blocks with trivial intersection defect groups. Algebras and Representation Theory, 8 (3). pp. 427-448. ISSN 1386-923X

2009.68: Charles W. Eaton (2008) Perfect generalized characters inducing the Alperin-McKay conjecture. Journal of Algebra, 320 (6). pp. 2301-2327. ISSN 0021-8693

2009.67: Charles W. Eaton (2009) Heights of characters in blocks. In: International Conference on Modules and Representation Theory, 7-12 July, 2008, Cluj, Romania.

2009.66: Charles W. Eaton (2007) Perfect isometries and the Alperin-McKay conjecture. In: 39th Symposium on Ring Theory and Representation Theory, 16-18 September 2007, Hiroshima, Japan.

2009.65: David A. Craven, Charles W. Eaton, Radha Kessar and Markus Linckelmann (2009) The structure of blocks with a Klein four defect group.

2009.64: Jianbei An and Charles W. Eaton (2009) Nilpotent blocks of quasisimple groups for odd primes. Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (2009.64). ISSN 1749-9097

2009.63: M. Heil and O.E. Jensen (2003) Flow in Collapsible Tubes and Past Other Highly Compliant Boundaries. Flow Past Highly Compliant Boundaries and in Collapsible Tubes (72). ISSN ISBN-13: 9781402011610 ISBN-10: 140201161X

2009.62: Jianbei An and Charles W. Eaton (2009) Nilpotent blocks of quasisimple groups for the prime two.

2009.61: Charles W. Eaton (2006) A class of blocks behaving like blocks of p-solvable groups. Journal of Algebra, 301. pp. 337-343. ISSN 0021-8693

2009.60: Jamila Jawdat and Roger Plymen (2009) R-groups and geometric structure in the representation theory of SL(N).

2009.59: Martin Bays, Jonathan Kirby and A.J. Wilkie (2009) A Schanuel Property for Exponetially Transcendental Powers.

2009.58: A.J. Wilkie (2007) O-Minimal Structures. Séminaire BOURBAKI, 60 (985). pp. 1-11. ISSN 0036-8075

2009.56: D. Steven Mackey, Niloufer Mackey, Christian Mehl and Volker Mehrmann (2009) Jordan Structures of Alternating Matrix Polynomials.

2009.55: N. Martin, R. Koup, R. Kaslow, A. A. Ammann, A. J. Ammann, D. Asthana, A. Baur, Y. Bryson, S. Clapp, S. DeLaurentis, T. Devine, M. Feinberg, J. E. Fitzgibbon, M. G. Fowler, E. M. Garratty, R. Geffin, A. Gonzaga, M. Gray, S. Hetherington, J. K. Jansen, R. A. Kaslow, A. Keller, M. E. Klotman, B. Korber, A. Louzao, K. Luzuriaga, C. Macken, B. Mathieson, G. McSherry, M. Muldoon, J. I. Mullins, K. Nielsen, J. Oleske, P. Palumbo, A. Petru, S. Plaeger, Y. Riviere, P. Rossi, G. Scott, J. L. Sullivan, S. H. Vermund, D. Wara, R. J. Winchester, C. Winkler and S. Zeegen (1996) Workshop on perinatally acquired human immuno-deficiency virus infection in long-term surviving children: A collaborative study of factors contributing to slow disease progression. Aids Research and Human Retroviruses, 12 (16). pp. 1565-1570. ISSN 0889-2229

2009.54: J. B. Paris and S. R. Rad (2009) A note on the least informative model of a theory.

2009.53: Peter Hawes (2007) Investigation of Properties of Some Inference Processes. PhD thesis, Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences, The University of Manchester.

2009.52: Nicholas J. Higham, Christian Mehl and Françoise Tisseur (2010) The Canonical Generalized Polar Decomposition. SIAM Journal On Matrix Analysis and Applications, 31 (4). 2163 -2180. ISSN 0895-4798

2009.51: Laurence Grammont, Nicholas J. Higham and Françoise Tisseur (2011) A Framework for Analyzing Nonlinear Eigenproblems and Parametrized Linear Systems. Linear Algebra and its Applications, 435 (3). pp. 623-640. ISSN 0024-3795

2009.50: Timo Betcke and Daniel Kressner (2009) Perturbation, Computation and Refinement of Invariant Subspaces for Matrix Polynomials.

2009.49: Chaofeng Kou and Jianxin Pan (2009) Variable Selection for Joint Mean and Covariance Models via Penalized Likelihood.

2009.48: Yanchun Bao, Jianxin Pan, Hongsheng Dai and Hong-Bin Fang (2009) Joint Longitudinal and Survival-cure Models with Constrained Parameters in Tumour Xenograft Experiments.

2009.47: Chenlei Leng, Weiping Zhang and Jianxin Pan (2009) Semiparametric Mean-Covariance Regression Analysis for Longitudinal Data.

2009.46: Jianxin Pan, Huajin Ye and Runze Li (2009) Nonparametric Regression of Covariance Structures in Longitudinal Studies.

2009.45: Alberto De Lozar, Anne Juel and Andrew Hazel (2008) The Steady Propagation of an Air Finger into a Rectangular Tube. Journal of Fluid Mecanics, 614. pp. 173-195. ISSN 1469-7645

2009.44: Hadi Zare (2009) On Spherical Classes in H*QSn. PhD thesis, Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences, The University of Manchester.

2009.43: Sergio Estrada, Pedro A. Guil Asensio, Mike Prest and Jan Trlifaj (2009) Model category structures arising from Drinfeld vector bundles.

2009.42: Ettore Murabito, Evangelos Simeonidis, Kieran Smallbone and Jonathan Swinton (2009) Capturing the essence of a metabolic network: A flux balance analysis approach. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 260 (3). pp. 445-452. ISSN 0022-5193

2009.41: Ralph Stöhr and Michael Vaughan-Lee (2009) Products of homogeneous subspaces in free Lie algebras. International Journal of Algebra and Computation, 19 (5). pp. 699-703. ISSN 0218-1967

2009.40: CTJ Dodson and WW Sampson (2009) Intrinsic correlation in planar Poisson line processes. Applied Mathematics Letters, 22 (7). pp. 981-983. ISSN 0893-9659

2009.39: CTJ Dodson (2009) Information geometry and entropy in a stochastic epidemic rate process.

2009.38: CTJ Dodson (2008) On the entropy flows to disorder. In: The 2nd Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference, 1-5 June 2009, Charnia, Crete.

2009.37: Markus Riedle and David Applebaum (2009) Cylindrical Levy processes in Banach spaces.

2009.36: J.W. MacQuarrie (2009) Green Correspondence for virtually pro-p groups.

2009.35: Paul Glendinning (2009) Bifurcations of Snap-back Repellers with application to Border-Collision Bifurcations.

2009.34: Markus Riedle and Onno van Gaans (2009) Stochastic Integration for Levy Processes with Values in Banach Spaces. Stochastic Processes and Applications, 119 (6). pp. 1952-1974. ISSN 0304-4149

2009.33: J.W. MacQuarrie (2009) Modular representations of profinite groups.

2009.32: John M. Butterworth and Jonathan L. Shapiro (2009) Stability of learning dynamics in two-agent, imperfect-information games. In: FOGA 09, January 9 - 11, 2009, Orlando, Florida USA.

2009.31: Awad H. Al-Mohy and Nicholas J. Higham (2010) The Complex Step Approximation to the Fréchet Derivative of a Matrix Function. Numerical Algorithms, 53 (1). pp. 133-148. ISSN 1017-1398

2009.30: James W. Demmel, Nicholas J. Higham and Robert S. Schreiber (1995) Stability of Block LU Factorization. Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, Vol. 2 (2). pp. 173-190. ISSN 1070-5325 / 1099-1506

2009.29: Al-Zamil Qusay Soad Abdul-Aziz (2013) Hankel Determinant Structure of the Rational Solutions for Fifth Painlevé Equation. APPLIED MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES, Vol. 7 (No. 9). pp. 445-452. ISSN 1312-885X (print) ISSN 1314-7552 (online)

2009.28: Yunjiao Wang, Pawel Paszek, Caroline A. Horton, Douglas B. Kell, Michael R. H. White, David S. Broomhead and Mark R. Muldoon (2011) Interactions among oscillatory pathways in NF-κB signalling. BMC Systems Biology, 5 (1). pp. 1-23. ISSN 1752-0509

2009.27: Marianne Johnson and Ralph Stöhr (2010) Free central extensions of groups and modular Lie powers of relation modules. Proceedings of the AMS, 138 (11). pp. 3807-3814. ISSN 0002-9939

2009.26: H. Fassbender, D. S. Mackey, N. Mackey and C. Schroder (2009) Structured Polynomial Eigenproblems Related to Time-Delay Systems.

2009.25: Fernando De Teran, Frolian M. Dopico and D. Steven Mackey (2009) Linearizations of Singular Matrix Polynomials and the Recovery of Minimal Indices.

2009.24: M. L. Bujorianu and J. P. Katoen (2008) Symmetry reduction for stochastic hybrid systems. In: 47th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control 2008, 9-11 Dec 2008, Cancun, Mexico.

2009.23: Kieran Smallbone and Evangelos Simeonidis (2009) Flux balance analysis: A geometric perspective. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 258 (2). pp. 311-315. ISSN 0022-5193

2009.22: Francoise Tisseur, Seamus D. Garvey and Christopher Munro (2009) Deflating Quadratic Matrix Polynomials with Structure Preserving Transformations.

2009.21: Nicholas J. Higham and Lijing Lin (2011) On $p$th Roots of Stochastic Matrices. Linear Algebra and its Applications, 435 (3). pp. 448-463. ISSN 1749-9097

2009.20: C.J. Kelly, K. Smallbone, T. Roose and J.M. Brady (2007) A model to investigate the feasibility of FDG as a surrogate marker of hypoxia. In: ISBI 2007. 4th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro, 12-15 April 2007, Washington DC.

2009.19: Marius Bujorianu, Manuela Bujorianu and Howard Barringer (2009) A Formal Framework for User-centric Control of Multi-Agent Cyber-physical Systems. In: Michael Fisher, Fariba Sadri and Michael Thielscher, (eds). Proceeding of the 9th CLIMA workshop. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer Verlag, Berlin, Germany.

2009.18: Peter Rowley and Louise Walker (2009) A 195,747,435 vertex graph related to the Fischer group Fi23, part III.

2009.17: Peter Rowley and Louise Walker (2009) A 195,747,435 vertex graph related to the Fischer group Fi23 ,part II.

2009.16: Peter Rowley and Louise Walker (2009) A 195,747,435 vertex graph related to the Fischer group Fi23, part I.

2009.15: Younes Chahlaoui (2009) Model reduction of switched dynamical systems. In: 4th Conference on Trends in Applied mathematics in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco., 6-8 May 2009, Kenitra, Morocco.

2009.14: Younes Chahlaoui, Françoise Tisseur and Paul Van Dooren (2009) A new approach for MOR of second order Dynamical Systems. In: A. El Jai, L. Afifi and E. Zerrik, (eds). Systems Theory: Modelling, Analysis and Control. Presses Universitaires de Perpignan, pp. 153-158. ISBN 2-35412-043-6

2009.13: Merim Bilalić, Kieran Smallbone, Peter McLeod and Fernand Gobet (2009) Why are (the best) women so good at chess? Participation rates and gender differences in intellectual domains. Proceedings of the Royal Society B - Biological Sciences, 276. pp. 1161-1165.

2009.12: Younes Chahlaoui (2010) A posteriori error bounds for discrete balanced truncation. Linear Algebra and Its Applications, special number in honor of the 65th anniversary of Dan Sorensen in 2011..

2009.11: David R Stephenson, John L Davidson, William R.B. Lionheart, Bruce D Grieve and Trevor A York (2005) Comparison of 3D Image Reconstruction Techniques using Real Electrical Impedance Measurement Data. Proceedings of the 4th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography. pp. 643-650.

2009.10: David Nelson (2007) On the distance between a teacher and a class. TEACHING MATHEMATICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS, 26 (2). pp. 89-94. ISSN 0268-3679

2009.9: Awad H. Al-Mohy and Nicholas J. Higham (2009) A New Scaling and Squaring Algorithm for the Matrix Exponential. SIAM Journal On Matrix Analysis and Applications., 31 (3). pp. 970-989. ISSN 1095-7162

2009.8: Yinan Li, Jack Dongarra and Stanimire Tomov (2009) A Note on Auto-tuning GEMM for GPUs.

2009.7: Stanimire Tomov, Jack Dongarra and Marc Baboulin (2009) Towards Dense Linear Algebra for Hybrid GPU Accelerated Manycore Systems.

2009.6: Hatem Ltaief, Jakub Kurzak and Jack Dongarra (2009) Parallel Block Hessenberg Reduction using Algorithms-By-Tiles for Multicore Architectures Revisited.

2009.5: Hatem Ltaief, Jakub Kurzak and Jack Dongarra (2009) Parallel Band Two-Sided Matrix Bidiagonalization for Multicore Architectures.

2009.4: Jack Dongarra and Julien Langou (2009) The Problem with the Linpack Benchmark 1.0 Matrix Generator.

2009.3: George Bosilca, Remi Delmas, Jack Dongarra and Julien Langou (2009) Algorithmic Based Fault Tolerance Applied to High Performance Computing.

2009.2: Marc Baboulin, Jack Dongarra and Stanimire Tomov (2009) Some Issues in Dense Linear Algebra for Multicore and Special Purpose Architectures.

2009.1: Gareth I. Hargreaves (2002) Interval Analysis in Matlab.

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