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MIMS number: 2017

Number of items: 34.

2017.34: Francesca Arrigo, Peter Grindrod, Desmond J. Higham and Vanni Noferini (2017) On the exponential generating function for non-backtracking walks.

2017.33: Arbaz Khan, Chandra Shekhar Upadhyay and Marc Gerritsma (2017) Spectral element method for parabolic interface problems: Regularity estimates, stability theorem and error estimate.

2017.32: Arbaz Khan and Guido Kanschat (2017) A posteriori error estimator for a strongly conservative finite element method of Stokes-Darcy coupling equation.

2017.31: Dennis Amexlunxen, Martin Lotz and Jake Walvin (2017) Effective Condition Number Bounds for Convex Regularization.

2017.30: Martin Lotz (2017) Persistent homology for low-complexity models.

2017.29: Awad H. Al-Mohy (2017) A New Algorithm for Computing the Actions of Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Matrix Functions.

2017.28: A.L. Gower, T. Shearer and P. Ciarletta (2017) A new restriction for initially stressed elastic solids. Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, 70.

2017.27: A.V. Borisov, L.C. García-Naranjo, I.S. Mamaev and J. Montaldi (2017) Reduction and relative equilibria for the 2-body problem in spaces of constant curvature.

2017.26: T. Shearer, C.T. Thorpe and H.R.C. Screen (2017) The relative compliance of energy-storing tendons may be due to the helical fibril arrangement of their fascicles. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 14. 20170261.

2017.25: Joscha Gedicke and Arbaz Khan (2017) Arnold-Winther Mixed Finite Elements for Stokes Eigenvalue Problems.

2017.24: Erin Carson and Nicholas J. Higham (2017) Accelerating the Solution of Linear Systems by Iterative Refinement in Three Precisions.

2017.23: Vasilije Perovic and D. Steven Mackey (2017) Linearizations of Matrix Polynomials in Newton Bases.

2017.22: Jack Dongarra, Sven Hammarling, Nicholas J. Higham, Samuel D. Relton, Pedro Valero-Lara and Mawussi Zounon (2017) The Design and Performance of Batched BLAS on Modern High-Performance Computing Systems. Procedia Computer Science, 108. pp. 495-504.

2017.21: J.B. Paris (2017) A note on *-conditioning. Unpublished note. pp. 1-3.

2017.20: Nicholas J. Higham (1985) Nearness Problems in Numerical Linear Algebra. PhD thesis, The University of Manchester.

2017.19: Jeff Paris and Alena Vencovska (2017) Translation Invariance and Miller's Weather Example.

2017.18: Adam J Crowder and Catherine E Powell (2017) CBS Constants and Their Role in Error Estimation for Stochastic Galerkin Finite Element Methods.

2017.17: Martin J. Gander, Stefan Güttel and Madalina Petcu (2017) A Nonlinear ParaExp Algorithm.

2017.16: Massimiliano Fasi and Nicholas J. Higham (2017) Multiprecision Algorithms for Computing the Matrix Logarithm.

2017.15: Meisam Sharify and Francoise Tisseur (2017) Effect of tropical scaling on linearizations of matrix polynomials: backward error and conditioning.

2017.14: Sven Hammarling (2017) Second Workshop on Batched, Reproducible, and Reduced Precision BLAS. The University of Manchester.

2017.13: Yuji Nakatsukasa, Leo Taslaman, Francoise Tisseur and Ion Zaballa (2017) Reduction of matrix polynomials to simpler forms.

2017.12: Erin Carson and Nicholas J. Higham (2017) A New Analysis of Iterative Refinement and its Application to Accurate Solution of Ill-Conditioned Sparse Linear Systems.

2017.11: James Hook and Nick Dingle (2016) Performance Analysis of Asynchronous Parallel Jacobi. in review.

2017.10: Paul Glendinning (2017) Robust chaos revisited.

2017.9: Francesca Arrigo, Peter Grindrod, Desmond J. Higham and Vanni Noferini (2017) Nonbacktracking walk centrality for directed networks.

2017.8: Howard C. Elman and David J. Silvester (2017) Collocation methods for exploring perturbations in linear stability analysis.

2017.7: Stefan Güttel and Françoise Tisseur (2017) The Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem.

2017.6: Mario Berljafa (2017) Rational Krylov Decompositions: Theory and Applications. PhD thesis, The University of Manchester.

2017.5: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2017) On the spectra of finite type algebras.

2017.4: J.B. Paris and A. Vencovska (2017) Ancient Indian Logic and Analogy.

2017.3: J.B. Paris and A. Vencovska (2017) Combining Analogical Support in Pure Inductive Logic.

2017.2: E. Howarth and J.B. Paris (2017) The Finite Values Property.

2017.1: CTJ Dodson (2017) On some information geometric approaches to cyber security. In: Nicholas J Daras and Thermistocles M Rassias, (eds). Operations Research, Engineering, and Cyber Security. Springer Optimization and Its Applications (113). Springer, Germany.

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