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Subject: 53 Differential geometry

Number of items: 64.

2017.1: CTJ Dodson (2017) On some information geometric approaches to cyber security. In: Nicholas J Daras and Thermistocles M Rassias, (eds). Operations Research, Engineering, and Cyber Security. Springer Optimization and Its Applications (113). Springer, Germany.

2016.58: CTJ Dodson, M Mettanen and WW Sampson (2017) Dimensionality Reduction for Information Geometric Characterization of Surface Topographies. In: Computational Information Geometry: For Image And Signal Processing. Signals and Communication Technology. Springer, Switzerland, pp. 133-147. ISBN 978-3-319-47058-0

2016.57: Frank Nielsen, Frank Critchley and Christopher TJ Dodson, ed. (2017) Computational Information Geometry For Image and Signal Processing. Signals and Communication Technology. Springer, Germany. ISBN 978-3-319-47058-0

2015.109: CTJ Dodson, G Galanis and E Vassiliou (2015) Geometry in a Fréchet Context A Projective Limit Approach. LMS Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 428. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 9781316601952

2015.108: CTJ Dodson (2015) Information distance estimation between mixtures of multivariate Gaussians. In: ICMS Workshop on Computational information geometry for image and signal processing, 21-25 September 2015, Edinburgh.

2015.105: Philip Arathoon (2015) Coadjoint orbits of the special Euclidean group. Other thesis, Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences, The University of Manchester.

2015.102: Naeem M Desai and William RB Lionheart (2015) An explicit reconstruction algorithm for the transverse ray transform of a second rank tensor field from three axis data.

2015.87: CTJ Dodson (2015) A model for Gaussian perturbations of graphene. Journal of Statistical Physics, Online First 15 September 2015. pp. 1-9. ISSN 1572-9613

2014.75: Michael Crabb (2014) EIT Reconstruction Algorithms for Respiratory Intensive Care. PhD thesis, The University of Manchester.

2013.34: CTJ Dodson and WW Sampson (2013) Dimensionality reduction for classification of stochastic fibre radiographs. In: F Nielsen and F Barbaresco, (eds). Geometric Science of Information GSI2013. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8085 (8085). Springer, Heidelberg, pp. 158-165. ISBN ISBN 978-3-642-40020-9

2012.87: Martin Lotz (2012) On the volume of tubular neighborhoods of real algebraic varieties.

2012.79: Rüdiger Borsdorf (2012) An Algorithm For Finding the Optimal Embedding of a Symmetric Matrix into the Set of Diagonal Matrices.

2011.87: Mark R. Muldoon, David S. Broomhead and Jeremy P. Huke (1994) Delay reconstruction for multiprobe signals. In: IEE Colloquium on Exploiting Chaos in Signal Processing. IEE, London, 3/1-3/6.

2011.68: CTJ Dodson (2011) Some illustrations of information geometry in biology and physics. In: Handbook of Research on Computational Science and Engineering: Theory and Practice. IGI-Global, Hershey, USA, pp. 1-27. ISBN 9781613501160

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2010.31: Qusay Al-Zamil and James Montaldi (2012) Witten-Hodge theory for manifolds with boundary and equivariant cohomology. Differential Geometry and its Applications, 30 (2). pp. 179-194. ISSN 0926-2245

2010.17: James Montaldi (2010) Momentum maps and ... In: UK-Japan Winter School on Integrable Systems and Symmetry, 07-10 Jan 2010, Manchester, UK.

2008.92: M Aghasi, AR Bahari, CTJ Dodson, GN Galanis and A Suri (2008) Second order structures for sprays and connections on Fréchet manifolds.

2008.90: James Montaldi and Juan-Pablo Ortega (2008) Notes on lifting group actions.

2008.71: Romina Gaburro and William R.B. Lionheart (2008) Recovering Riemannian metrics in monotone families from boundary data.

2008.59: Khadiga Arwini and CTJ Dodson (2008) Information Geometry: Near Randomness and Near Independence. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 1953. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany. ISBN 978-3-540-69391-8

2008.44: William R. Breckon (1992) The problem of Anisotropy in Electrical Impedance Tomography. roceedings of 14th International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Paris, (1992)., 5. pp. 1734-1735.

2008.29: William R. Breckon (1992) The problem of Anisotropy in Electrical Impedance Tomography. Proceedings of 14th International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Paris (1992) Vol 5. pp. 1734-1735.

2008.28: William R.B. Lionheart (1998) Boundary Shape and Electrical Impedance Tomography. Inverse Problems, 14 (1). pp. 139-147. ISSN 0266-5611

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2006.411: William R.B. Lionheart (2004) Geometric methods for anisotopic inverse boundary value problems. In: Kenrick Bingham, Yaroslav V Kurylev and Erkki Somersalo, (eds). New Analytic and Geometric Methods in Inverse Problems Lectures given at the EMS Summer School and Conference held in Edinburgh, Scotland 2000. Springer, Berlin, pp. 337-351. ISBN 3540406824

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2006.242: Y. Ziyalder, Serkan Onart and W. R. B. Lionheart (2003) Uniqueness and reconstruction in magnetic resonance - electrical impedance tomography (MR - EIT). Physiological Measurement, 24 (2). pp. 591-604. ISSN 0967-3334

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2006.136: CTJ Dodson and GA Galanis (2006) Acceleration bundles on Banach and Fréchet manifolds. In: JGP Editorial Board Scientific Meeting In Commemoration of Andre Lichnerowicz, 27- 29 June 2006, International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste, Italy.

2006.82: CTJ Dodson (2006) A short review on Landsberg spaces. In: Workshop on Finsler and semi-Riemannian geometry, 24-26 May 2006, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

2006.26: J. P. Huke (2006) Embedding Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: A Guide to Takens' Theorem.

2006.22: D. S. Broomhead and M. J. Kirby (2005) Dimensionality Reduction Using Secant-Based Projection Methods: The Induced Dynamics in Projected Systems. Nonlinear Dynamics, 41 (1-3). pp. 47-67. ISSN 1573-269X

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2006.8: M. Aghasi, C.T.J. Dodson, G.N. Galanis and A. Suri (2008) Conjugate connections and differential equations on infinite dimensional manifolds. In: VIII International Colloquium on Differential Geometry, 7-11 July 2008, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

2006.5: David Szotten, William RB Lionheart and Rachel A Tomlinson (2006) Tomographic reconstruction of stress from photoelastic measurements using elastic regularization.

2005.49: CTJ Dodson (2005) Topics in Information Geometry. In: Workshop on Recent Results in Information Geometry, 13-19 Dec 2005, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

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2005.6: J Montaldi, J-P Ortega and TS Ratiu (2004) The relation between local and global dual pairs. Math Research Letters, 11. pp. 355-363. ISSN 1073-2780

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