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Subject: 57 Manifolds and cell complexes

Number of items: 16.

2016.50: Jeremy P. Huke and Mark R. Muldoon (2015) Embedding and Time Series Analysis. Mathematics Today, 51 (3). pp. 120-123. ISSN 1361-2042

2015.62: Megumi Harada, Tara Holm, Nigel Ray and Gareth Williams (2013) The equivariant K-theory and cobordism rings of divisive weighted projective spaces. Tohoku Mathematical Journal.

2012.34: Peter J. Eccles and Mark Grant (2012) SELF-INTERSECTIONS OF IMMERSIONS AND STEENROD OPERATIONS. Acta Mathematica Hungarica. pp. 1-10. ISSN 1588-2632

2011.70: Anthony Bahri, Matthias Franz and Nigel Ray (2011) Weighted projective spaces and iterated Thom spaces.

2010.96: Qusay Al-Zamil (2010) $X_M$-Harmonic Cohomology and Equivariant Cohomology on Riemannian Manifolds With Boundary.

2010.31: Qusay Al-Zamil and James Montaldi (2012) Witten-Hodge theory for manifolds with boundary and equivariant cohomology. Differential Geometry and its Applications, 30 (2). pp. 179-194. ISSN 0926-2245

2009.90: Victor M Buchstaber, Taras E Panov and Nigel Ray (2009) Toric genera.

2008.31: Victor M Buchstaber and Nigel Ray (2008) An Invitation to Toric Topology: Vertex Four of a Remarkable Tetrahedron. Proceedings of the International Conference in Toric Topology: Osaka 2006.

2007.106: Victor M Buchstaber and Svjetlana Terzić (2007) Complex cobordism classes of homogeneous spaces.

2007.101: V. M Buchstaber and N Ray (2007) The universal equivariant genus and Krichever's formula. Russian Mathematical Surveys, 62 (1). pp. 178-180. ISSN 1468-4829

2007.35: Victor M. Buchstaber and Nigel Ray (2001) Tangential structures on toric manifolds, and connected sums of polytopes. International Mathematics Research Notices, 2001. pp. 193-219. ISSN 1073-7928

2006.418: Peter J Eccles and Mark Grant (2006) Bordism groups of immersions and classes represented by self-intersections.

2006.311: Theodore Voronov (2002) Dual forms on supermanifolds and Cartan calculus. Communications in Mathematical Physics, 228 (1). pp. 1-16. ISSN 1432-0916

2006.118: Peter J Eccles and Mark Grant (2006) Bordism classes represented by multiple point manifolds of immersed manifolds. Proceedings of the Steklov Instutute of Mathematics, 252. pp. 47-52. ISSN 0081-5438

2006.12: Victor M Buchstaber (2005) Circle actions on toric manifolds and their applications. In: Pure Mathematics Colloquium, University of Leicester, 17 November 2005, Leicester, England.

2005.34: Yusuf Civan and Nigel Ray (2004) Homotopy Decompositions and K-theory of Bott Towers. K-theory, 34 (1). pp. 1-33. ISSN 0920-3036

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