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Subject: 90 Operations research, mathematical programming

Number of items: 20.

2017.31: Dennis Amexlunxen, Martin Lotz and Jake Walvin (2017) Effective Condition Number Bounds for Convex Regularization.

2015.100: James Hook (2015) Max-plus LU.

2014.43: Dennis Amelunxen and Martin Lotz (2014) Gordon's inequality and condition numbers in conic optimization.

2014.24: Younes Chahlaoui and Margarita Korovina (2014) CICADA Collection.

2014.7: James Hook (2014) Max-Plus Singular Values.

2013.46: J.W. Blair (2013) Real option analysis in resilient energy networks. Masters thesis, Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences, The University of Manchester.

2013.40: Mishari Al-Foraih, Paul Johnson, Geoff Evatt and Peter Duck (2012) Optimal Staffing Policy: A Service System with Stochastic Travel Times. In: 2nd International Conference on Operation Research and Enterprise Systems, 16-18 February 2013, Barcelona, Spain.

2013.14: Dennis Amelunxen, Martin Lotz, Michael B. Mccoy and Joel A. Tropp (2013) Living on the edge: A geometric theory of phase transitions in convex optimization.

2012.106: Peter Burgisser, Felipe Cucker and Martin Lotz (2010) Coverage processes on spheres and condition numbers for linear programming. Annals of Probability, 38 (2). pp. 570-604.

2012.79: Rüdiger Borsdorf (2012) An Algorithm For Finding the Optimal Embedding of a Symmetric Matrix into the Set of Diagonal Matrices.

2012.64: J Hook (2012) Critical path statistics of max-plus linear systems with Gaussian noise.

2012.42: A. Papayiannis, P. Johnson, D. Yumashev, S. Howell, N. Proudlove and P. Duck (2012) Continuous-Time Revenue Management in Carparks. In: 1st International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems, 04-06 February 2012, Vilamoura, Portugal.

2012.15: Guishan Xing, Jinliang Ding, Tianyou Chai, Puya Afshar and Hong Wang (2012) Hybrid intelligent parameter estimation based on grey case-based reasoning for laminar cooling process. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 25 (2). pp. 418-429.

2012.13: Puya Afsahr and Hong Wang (2011) Multiobjective Meta-Heuristic Product Scheduling for Multi-Machine Manufacturing Systems. In: 50th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference (CDC-ECC), December 12-15, Orlando, FL, USA,.

2011.108: J Hook (2011) Products of random Max-plus matrices.

2011.106: G.W. Evatt, P.V. johnson, P.W. Duck and S.D. Howell (2010) Mine Valuation in the Presence of a Stochastic Ore-Grade Uncertainty. Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering, III. pp. 1-6.

2011.75: Geoff Evatt, Paul Johnson, John Moriarty, Duck Peter, Howell Syd and Tonkin Cindy (2011) The Resource Valuation and Optimisation Model: Real Impact from Real Options. Application of Computers and Operational Research in the Mining Industry, Proceedings of the 35th APCOM Symposium. pp. 535-545.

2011.33: Shengping Yu, Tianyou Chai, Hong Wang, Xinfu Pang and Binglin Zheng (2011) Dynamic Optimal Scheduling Method and Its Application for Converter Fault in Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Production Process. In: 18th IFAC World Congress, August 28 - September 2, 2011, Milano, Italy.

2009.87: Rüdiger Borsdorf, Nicholas J. Higham and Marcos Raydan (2010) Computing a Nearest Correlation Matrix with Factor Structure. SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 31 (5). pp. 2603-2622. ISSN 1095-7162

2008.50: Rudiger Borsdorf and Nicholas J. Higham (2008) A Preconditioned Newton Algorithm for the Nearest Correlation Matrix. IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, 30 (1). pp. 94-107. ISSN 1464-3642

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