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Subject: 96 Solar System

Number of items: 3.

2008.97: D. Moss, D. Sokoloff, I. Usoskin and V. Tutubalin (2008) Solar Grand Minima and Random Fluctuations in Dynamo Parameters. Solar Physics, 205. pp. 221-234. ISSN 0038-0938

2008.95: I. G. Usoskin, S. V. Berdyugina, D. Moss and D. D. Sokoloff (2007) Long-term persistence of solar active longitudes and its implications for the solar dynamo theory. Advances in Space Research, 40. pp. 951-958. ISSN 0273-1177

2006.375: N. Kleeorin, D. Moss, I. Rogaschevskii and D. Sokoloff (2003) Nonlinear magnetic diffusion and magnetic helicity transport in galactic dynamos. Astronomy & Asytophysics, 400. pp. 9-18. ISSN 0004-6361

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