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Number of items: 456.

2015.107: Volker Mehrmann, Vanni Noferini, Francoise Tisseur and Hongguo Xu (2015) On the sign characteristics of Hermitian matrix polynomials.

2015.106: Yuji Nakatsukasa and Roland W. Freund (2015) Computing Fundamental matrix decompositions accurately via the matrix sign function in two iterations: The power of Zolotarev's functions.

2015.102: Naeem M Desai and William RB Lionheart (2015) An explicit reconstruction algorithm for the transverse ray transform of a second rank tensor field from three axis data.

2015.100: James Hook (2015) Max-plus LU.

2015.99: James Hook (2015) Squish scaling.

2015.98: Fassbender Heike, Perez Alvaro Javier and Shayanfar Nikta (2015) A sparse linearization for Hermite interpolation matrix polynomials.

2015.97: Peter Rowley and Louise Walker (2015) The point-line collinearity graph of the Fi'_{24} maximal 2-local geometry - the first three discs.

2015.96: Peter Rowley and Louise Walker (2015) Octad Orbits for certain Subgroups of M_{24}.

2015.95: Luis Garcia-Naranjo, James Montaldi and Oleg G. Smolyanov (2015) Transformations of Feynman path integrals and the generalized densities of Feynman pseudomeasures.

2015.93: Sergio Mendes and Roger Plymen (2015) Functoriality and K-theory for GL_n(R).

2015.92: Federico Poloni and Nataša Strabić (2015) Principal pivot transforms of quasidefinite matrices and semidefinite Lagrangian subspaces.

2015.90: Vanni Noferini and Javier Perez (2015) Chebyshev-Fiedler pencils.

2015.86: T D Butters, S Güttel, J L Shapiro and T J Sharpe (2015) Automatic real-time fault detection for industrial assets using metasensors.

2015.83: Weijian Zhang (2015) Dynamic Network Analysis in Julia.

2015.82: Colin Cotter, Simon Cotter and Paul Russell (2015) Parallel Adaptive Importance Sampling.

2015.81: Simon Cotter (2015) Constrained Approximation of Effective Generators for Multiscale Stochastic Reaction Networks and Application to Conditioned Path Sampling.

2015.77: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2015) Geometric structure for the principal series of a split reductive p-adic group with connected centre.

2015.76: Tahel Ronel and Alena Vencovska (2015) The Principle of Signature Exchangeability.

2015.75: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2015) Conjectures about p-adic groups and their noncommutative geometry.

2015.74: E. Howarth, J.B. Paris and A. Vencovska (2015) An examination of the SEP Candidate Analogical Inference Rule within Pure Inductive Logic.

2015.72: William J. Parnell (2015) The Hill and Eshelby tensors for ellipsoidal inhomogeneities in the Newtonian potential problem and linear elastostatics.

2015.66: Nicholas J Higham and Vanni Noferini (2015) An algorithm to compute the polar decomposition of a 3x3 matrix.

2015.64: Catherine E. Powell, David Silvester and Valeria Simoncini (2015) An Efficient Reduced Basis Solver for Stochastic Galerkin Matrix Equations.

2015.51: Vanni Noferini and Alex Townsend (2015) Are resultant methods numerically unstable for multidimensional rootfinding?

2015.50: Paul Glendinning (2015) Classification of Boundary Equilibrium Bifurcations in planar Filippov systems.

2015.46: Stefan Güttel and Nakatsukasa Yuji (2015) Scaled and squared subdiagonal Padé approximation for the matrix exponential.

2015.42: Alex Bespalov and David Silvester (2015) Efficient adaptive stochastic Galerkin methods for parametric operator equations.

2015.39: Nicholas J. Higham and Nataša Strabić (2015) Anderson Acceleration of the Alternating Projections Method for Computing the Nearest Correlation Matrix.

2015.38: Mario Berljafa and Stefan Güttel (2015) The RKFIT algorithm for nonlinear rational approximation.

2015.36: James Hook, Jennifer Pestana and Francoise Tisseur (2015) Max-Balancing Hungarian Scalings.

2015.32: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2015) The noncommutative geometry of inner forms of p-adic special linear groups.

2015.30: Jennifer Pestana and Tyrone Rees (2015) Null-space preconditioners for saddle point problems.

2015.28: Philip Arathoon and James Montaldi (2015) Adjoint and coadjoint orbits of the Euclidean group.

2015.27: Edvin Deadman and Samuel Relton (2015) Taylor's Theorem for Matrix Functions with Applications to Condition Number Estimation.

2015.25: Nicola Wadeson (2015) Aluminium foam data reconstruction using CGLS and TV Regularisation - 100 and 200 projection data.

2015.24: Vanni Noferini and Javier Perez Alvaro (2015) Chebyshev rootfinding via computing eigenvalues of colleague matrices: when is it stable?

2015.23: Jennifer Pestana, Richard Muddle, Matthias Heil, Francoise Tisseur and Milan Mihajlovic (2015) Efficient block preconditioning for a C1 finite element discretisation of the Dirichlet biharmonic problem.

2015.22: Paul Glendinning (2015) Geometry of refractions and reflections through a biperiodic medium.

2015.21: Kieran Smallbone and Yunjiao Wang (2015) Mathematising biology.

2015.20: David Silvester and Pranjal (2015) An optimal iterative solver for linear systems arising from SFEM approximation of diffusion equations with random coefficients.

2015.19: Timothy D. Butters, Stefan Güttel and Jonathan L. Shapiro (2015) Detecting and Reducing Redundancy in Alarm Networks.

2015.17: Wayne Arter, J. Guy Morgan, Samuel D. Relton and Nicholas J. Higham (2015) Ranking the Importance of Nuclear Reactions for Activation and Transmutation Events.

2015.16: Frommer Andreas, Güttel Stefan and Schweitzer Marcel (2015) FUNM_QUAD: An implementation of a stable quadrature-based restarted Arnoldi method for matrix functions.

2015.15: E. I. Khukhro, N. Yu. Makarenko and P. Shumyatsky (2015) Locally finite groups containing a $2$-element with Chernikov centralizer.

2015.14: E. I. Khukhro, N. Yu. Makarenko and P. Shumyatsky (2015) Finite groups and Lie rings with an automorphism of order $2^n$.

2015.13: E. I. Khukhro and P. Shumyatsky (2015) On the length of finite factorized groups.

2015.12: E. I. Khukhro and P. Shumyatsky (2015) On the length of finite groups and of fixed points.

2015.11: Paul Glendinning (2015) Bifurcation from stable fixed point to $N$-dimensional attractor in the border collision normal form.

2015.10: Paul Glendinning (2014) Invariant measures for the n-dimensional border collision normal form.

2015.9: Paul Glendinning (2015) Bifurcation from stable fixed point to two-dimensional attractor in the border collision normal form.

2015.8: William M Thompson, William RB Lionheart, Edward J Morton, Mike Cunningham and Russell Luggar (2015) High Speed Imaging of Dynamic Processes with a Switched Source X-ray CT System.

2015.7: Fernando De Teran, Froilan Dopico, D. Steven Mackey and Paul Van Dooren (2015) Polynomial Zigzag Matrices, Dual Minimal Bases, and the Realization of Completely Singular Polynomials.

2015.5: Awad H. Al-Mohy (2015) An Efficient Bound for the Condition Number of the Matrix Exponential.

2015.3: Mary Aprahamian, Desmond J. Higham and Nicholas J. Higham (2015) Matching Exponential-Based and Resolvent-Based Centrality Measures.

2015.1: Peter J Rowley and Daniel M Vasey (2015) Completions of the Goldschmidt G3-amalgam and Alternating Groups.

2014.76: Elisabeth Ullmann and Catherine Powell (2014) Solving log-transformed random diffusion problems by stochastic Galerkin mixed finite element methods.

2014.74: Simon Cotter and Radek Erban (2014) Error Analysis of Diffusion Approximation Methods for Multiscale Systems in Reaction Kinetics.

2014.59: Mario Berljafa and Stefan Güttel (2014) Generalized rational Krylov decompositions with an application to rational approximation.

2014.56: Mario Berljafa and Stefan Güttel (2014) A Rational Krylov Toolbox for MATLAB.

2014.54: Nicholas J. Higham, Natasa Strabic and Vedran Sego (2014) Restoring Definiteness via Shrinking, with an Application to Correlation Matrices with a Fixed Block.

2014.53: Christian Schröder and Leo Taslaman (2014) Backward error analysis of the shift-and-invert Arnoldi algorithm.

2014.52: Brian Hartley (2014) Automorphisms of finite soluble groups. Preliminary version.

2014.51: T D Butters, S Güttel, J L Shapiro and T J Sharpe (2014) Statistical cluster analysis and visualisation for alarm management configuration.

2014.50: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2014) The principal series of p-adic groups with disconnected centre.

2014.49: Yuji Nakatsukasa and Vanni Noferini (2014) On the stability of computing polynomial roots via confederate linearizations.

2014.48: Charles W. Eaton (2014) Morita equivalence classes of 2-blocks of defect three.

2014.47: Jianwen Huang and Shouquan Chen (2014) Convergence rate of extremes of generalized Maxwell distribution.

2014.45: Graham Niblo, Roger Plymen and Nick Wright (2014) Affine Weyl groups and Langlands duality.

2014.44: William R.B. Lionheart and Philip J. Withers (2014) Diffraction tomography of strain.

2014.43: Dennis Amelunxen and Martin Lotz (2014) Gordon's inequality and condition numbers in conic optimization.

2014.42: Paul Bradley and Peter Rowley (2014) Orbits on k-subsets of 2-transitive Simple Lie-type Groups.

2014.41: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2014) Geometric structure for Bernstein blocks.

2014.39: Stefan Güttel, Eric Polizzi, Peter Tang and Gautier Viaud (2014) Zolotarev quadrature rules and load balancing for the FEAST eigensolver.

2014.38: Fernando De Terán, Froilán M. Dopico and Javier Pérez (2014) Technical report on backward stability of polynomial root-finding using Fiedler companion matrices.

2014.37: Maria Alexandrou and Ralph Stöhr (2014) Free centre-by-nilpotent-by-abelian Lie rings of rank 2.

2014.36: Ralph-Uwe Börner, Oliver G. Ernst and Stefan Güttel (2014) Three-Dimensional Transient Electromagnetic Modeling Using Rational Krylov Methods.

2014.35: Mario Berljafa, Daniel Wortmann and Edoardo Di Napoli (2014) An optimized and scalable eigensolver for sequences of eigenvalue problems.

2014.34: Edvin Deadman (2014) Estimating the Condition Number of f(A)b.

2014.33: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2014) Hecke algebras for inner forms of p-adic special linear groups.

2014.32: Jennifer Pestana and Andrew Wathen (2014) A preconditioned MINRES method for nonsymmetric Toeplitz matrices.

2014.30: David Ward (2014) Conjugate p-elements of Full Support that Generate the Wreath Product Cp wr Cp.

2014.29: D. Steven Mackey and Vasilije Perovic (2014) Linearizations of Matrix Polynomials in Bernstein Bases.

2014.28: Frommer Andreas, Güttel Stefan and Schweitzer Marcel (2014) Convergence of restarted Krylov subspace methods for Stieltjes functions of matrices.

2014.25: Lars Karlsson and Francoise Tisseur (2014) Algorithms for Hessenberg-Triangular Reduction of Fiedler Linearization of Matrix Polynomials.

2014.24: Younes Chahlaoui and Margarita Korovina (2014) CICADA Collection.

2014.21: Leo Taslaman (2014) An algorithm for quadratic eigenproblems with low rank damping.

2014.20: Alexandre Borovik and Sukru Yalcinkaya (2014) Black box, white arrow.

2014.18: Patricio Farrell and Jennifer Pestana (2014) Block Preconditioners for Linear Systems Arising from Multiscale Collocation with Compactly Supported RBFs.

2014.15: Vanni Noferini (2014) When is a Hamiltonian matrix the commutator of two skew-Hamiltonian matrices?

2014.13: Edvin Deadman and Nicholas J. Higham (2014) Testing matrix function algorithms using identities.

2014.12: Y Bazlov, A Berenstein and A Mcgaw (2014) Twists of rational Cherednik algebras.

2014.10: Leo Taslaman (2014) Strongly damped quadratic matrix polynomials.

2014.9: Leo Taslaman (2014) The principal angles and the gap.

2014.8: Nicholas J. Higham and Edvin Deadman (2014) A Catalogue of Software for Matrix Functions. Version 1.0.

2014.7: James Hook (2014) Max-Plus Singular Values.

2014.6: James Hook and Françoise Tisseur (2014) Tropical Eigenvalues.

2014.5: Sergio Mendes and Roger Plymen (2014) L-packets and depth for SL_2(K) with K a local function field of characteristic 2.

2014.4: Peter Rowley and David Ward (2014) On Pi-Product Involution Graphs in Symmetric Groups.

2014.2: D. Steven Mackey, Niloufer Mackey, Christian Mehl and Volker Mehrmann (2014) Möbius Transformations of Matrix Polynomials.

2013.83: Stefan Güttel and Jen Pestana (2013) Some observations on weighted GMRES.

2013.82: Jacek Brodzki, Graham Niblo, Roger Plymen and Nick Wright (2013) The spectrum of the Dirac operator for the universal cover of SL_2(R).

2013.80: E. I. Khukhro (2013) Problems of bounding the $p$-length and Fitting height of finite soluble groups.

2013.79: E. I. Khukhro and P. Shumyatsky (2013) Nonsoluble and non-$p$-soluble length of finite groups.

2013.78: E. I. Khukhro and P. Shumyatsky (2013) Words and pronilpotent subgroups in profinite groups.

2013.77: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2013) On the local Langlands correspondence for non-tempered representations.

2013.74: Maria Alexandrou and Ralph Stöhr (2013) FREE CENTRE-BY-(ABELIAN-BY-EXPONENT 2) GROUPS.

2013.73: Nicholas J. Higham and Lin Lijing (2013) Matrix Functions: A Short Course.

2013.57: Paul D Ledger and William RB Lionheart (2013) Characterising the shape and material properties of hidden targets from magnetic induction data.

2013.56: Paul D Ledger and William RB Lionheart (2013) The perturbation of electromagnetic fields at distances that are large compared to the object’s size.

2013.55: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2013) Depth and the local Langlands correspondence.

2013.54: Karim Jerbi, William Lionheart, Paivi Vauhkonen and Marko Vauhkonen (2013) Sensitivity matrix and reconstruction algorithm for EIT assuming axial uniformity.

2013.53: Vladimir Druskin, Stefan Güttel and Leonid Knizhnerman (2013) Near-optimal perfectly matched layers for indefinite Helmholtz problems.

2013.52: James Hook and Nick Dingle (2013) Performance Analysis of Asynchronous Parallel Jacobi.

2013.51: Nicholas J. Higham (2013) Matrix Computations in Basic on a Microcomputer.

2013.49: Stefan Güttel, Roel Van Beeumen, Karl Meerbergen and Wim Michiels (2013) NLEIGS: A class of robust fully rational Krylov methods for nonlinear eigenvalue problems.

2013.48: Andreas Frommer, Stefan Güttel and Marcel Schweitzer (2013) Efficient and stable Arnoldi restarts for matrix functions based on quadrature.

2013.47: Fernando De Teran, Froilan M. Dopico and D. Steven Mackey (2013) Spectral equivalence of matrix polynomials and the index sum theorem.

2013.44: John J Ballantyne, Christopher J Bates and Peter J Rowley (2013) The Maximal Subgroups of E_7(2).

2013.38: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2013) The local Langlands correspondence for inner forms of SL_n.

2013.37: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2013) On the local Langlands correspondence for non-tempered representations.

2013.36: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2013) Geometric structure in smooth dual and local Langlands conjecture.

2013.35: Ramaseshan Kannan, Stephen Hendry, Nicholas J. Higham and Francoise Tisseur (2013) Detecting the Causes of Ill-Conditioning in Structural Finite Element Models.

2013.31: Catherine E. Powell and Andrew D. Gordon (2013) A Preconditioner for Fictitious Domain Formulations of Elliptic PDEs on Uncertain Parameterized Domains.

2013.28: Stefan Güttel and Georges Klein (2013) Efficient high-order rational integration and deferred correction with equispaced data.

2013.25: Marianne Akian, Stéphane Gaubert and Meisam Sharify (2013) Log-majorization of the moduli of the eigenvalues of a matrix polynomial by tropical roots.

2013.20: Fernando De Teran, Ross Lippert, Yuji Nakatsukasa and Vanni Noferini (2013) Flanders' theorem for many matrices under commutativity assumptions.

2013.19: L. G. Kovács and Ralph Stöhr (2013) Free centre-by-metabelian Lie algebras in characteristic 2.

2013.18: Nil Mansuroğlu and Ralph Stöhr (2013) Free centre-by-metabelian Lie rings.

2013.17: Vanni Noferini and Federico Poloni (2013) Duality of matrix pencils and linearizations.

2013.15: JL Hook (2013) Smoothing non-smooth systems with low-pass filters.

2013.14: Dennis Amelunxen, Martin Lotz, Michael B. Mccoy and Joel A. Tropp (2013) Living on the edge: A geometric theory of phase transitions in convex optimization.

2013.11: Laura Grigori, Mathias Jacquelin and Amal Khabou (2013) Performance predictions of multilevel communication optimal LU and QR factorizations on hierarchical platforms.

2013.8: Nicholas J. Dingle (2013) Inexact Sparse Matrix-Vector Products in the Calculation of Passage Time Distributions in Large Semi-Markov Models.

2013.7: Amit Kuber (2013) Grothendieck Rings of Theories of Modules.

2013.6: E. I. Khukhro and N. Yu. Makarenko (2013) Finite $p$-groups with a Frobenius group of automorphisms whose kernel is a cyclic $p$-group.

2013.5: Sergio Mendes and Roger Plymen (2013) L-packets and formal degrees for SL_2(K) with K a local function field of characteristic 2.

2013.4: E. I. Khukhro (2013) Rank and order of a finite group admitting a Frobenius group of automorphisms.

2013.3: E. I. Khukhro (2013) Counterexamples to a rank analogue of the Shepherd--Leedham-Green--McKay theorem on finite $p$-groups of maximal class.

2013.2: E. I. Khukhro and N. Yu. Makarenko (2013) Finite groups and Lie rings with a metacyclic Frobenius group of automorphisms.

2012.119: Vedran Šego (2012) The hyperbolic Schur decomposition.

2012.118: Yuji Nakatsukasa, Vanni Noferini and Alex Townsend (2012) Vector spaces of linearizations for matrix polynomials: a bivariate polynomial approach.

2012.117: Philip Bridge (2012) Sheaves as essentially algebraic objects.

2012.116: Vedran Šego (2012) The hyperbolic Schur decomposition (extended).

2012.113: Elias Jarlebring and Stefan Güttel (2012) A spatially adaptive iterative method for a class of nonlinear operator eigenproblems.

2012.112: Y Bazlov and A Berenstein (2012) Cocycle twists and extensions of braided doubles.

2012.110: John Ballantyne and Peter Rowley (2012) Connectivity of Local Fusion Graphs for Finite Simple Groups.

2012.109: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2012) Geometric structure and the local Langlands conjecture.

2012.101: Marc Goodfellow and Paul Glendinning (2012) Mechanisms of intermittent state transitions in a coupled heterogeneous oscillator model of epilepsy.

2012.96: E. I. Khukhro (2012) On $p$-soluble groups with a generalized $p$-central or powerful Sylow $p$-subgroup.

2012.95: E. I. Khukhro (2012) Fitting height of a finite group with a Frobenius group of automorphisms.

2012.94: E. I. Khukhro (2012) Automorphisms of finite $p$-groups admitting a partition.

2012.90: Tata Subba Rao, Sourav Das and Georgi N. Boshnakov (2012) A Frequency domain approach for the estimation of parameters of spatio-temporal stationary random processes.

2012.88: Stefan Güttel and Leonid Knizhnerman (2012) A black-box rational Arnoldi variant for Cauchy-Stieltjes matrix functions.

2012.87: Martin Lotz (2012) On the volume of tubular neighborhoods of real algebraic varieties.

2012.86: A J Wilkie (2012) Some results and problems on complex germs with definable Mittag-Leffler stars.

2012.84: Ramaseshan Kannan (2012) Efficient sparse matrix multiple-vector multiplication using a bitmapped format.

2012.82: D. Steven Mackey (2012) Minimal indices and minimal bases via filtrations.

2012.79: Rüdiger Borsdorf (2012) An Algorithm For Finding the Optimal Embedding of a Symmetric Matrix into the Set of Diagonal Matrices.

2012.78: Ion Zaballa and Francoise Tisseur (2012) Finite and Infinite Elementary Divisors of Matrix Polynomials: A Global Approach.

2012.77: Leo Taslaman, Francoise Tisseur and Ion Zaballa (2012) Triangularizing matrix polynomials.

2012.76: Paul Glendinning (2012) The border collision normal form with stochastic switching surface.

2012.74: M Goodfellow, C Rummel, D Garry, G Baier, K Schindler and P Glendinning (2012) State transitions in a model of intermittent seizure dynamics.

2012.73: Paul Glendinning and Leonard A. Smith (2012) Lacunarity and Period-doubling.

2012.70: D. Steven Mackey, Niloufer Mackey, Christian Mehl and Volker Mehrmann (2012) Skew-symmetric matrix polynomials and their Smith forms.

2012.66: Paul Glendinning and Mike Jeffrey (2012) Grazing-sliding bifurcations, the border collision normal form, and the curse of dimensionality for nonsmooth bifurcation theory.

2012.64: J Hook (2012) Critical path statistics of max-plus linear systems with Gaussian noise.

2012.62: Iain Bethune, J. Mark Bull, Nicholas J. Dingle and Nicholas J. Higham (2012) Performance analysis of asynchronous Jacobi's method implemented in MPI, SHMEM and OpenMP.

2012.60: David Broomhead, Steve Furber and Marianne Johnson (2012) An algebraic approach to time borrowing.

2012.59: V Botella-Soler, J A Oteo, J Ros and P Glendinning (2012) Families of piecewise linear maps with constant Lyapunov exponent.

2012.56: James Montaldi (2012) Notes on circulant matrices.

2012.54: Akeel Ramadan Mehdi (2012) Purity relative to classes of finitely presented modules.

2012.48: D.F. Tang (2012) A fast algorithm for spectral interpolation of sampled data.

2012.40: Dmitry Yumashev (2012) Theoretical study of an inviscid transonic flow near a discontinuity in wall curvature (Part 1).

2012.39: Dmitry Yumashev (2012) Theoretical study of an inviscid transonic flow near a discontinuity in wall curvature (Part 2).

2012.37: David Nelson (2012) Two Dictionaries of Mathematics, 1679 and 1989.

2012.29: Tayyab Kamran and Roger Plymen (2012) K-theory and the connection index.

2012.17: Ren-Cang Li, Yuji Nakatsukasa, Ninoslav Truhar and Wei-guo Wang (2012) Perturbation of multiple eigenvalues of Hermitian matrices.

2012.16: Christopher A. Smethurst, David J. Silvester and Milan D. Mihajlovic (2012) Unstructured finite element method for the solution of the Boussinesq problem in 3D.

2012.14: Mark C. Readman and Dimitrios Kalamatianos (2012) Cell Death: Linear Control Analysis of Eissing's Model.

2012.6: Natalie J. Stanford, Kieran Smallbone and Pedro Mendes (2012) Letting the flux define the kinetics: using a single steady state to predict network behaviour under diverse stress conditions.

2012.1: A J Wilkie, G O Jones and M E M Thomas (2012) Integer-valued definable functions.

2011.117: Timo Betcke, Nicholas J. Higham, Volker Mehrmann, Christian Schröder and Françoise Tisseur (2011) NLEVP: A Collection of Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems. Users' Guide.

2011.116: Timo Betcke, Nicholas J. Higham, Volker Mehrmann, Christian Schröder and Françoise Tisseur (2011) NLEVP: A Collection of Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems.

2011.114: Yuji Nakatsukasa (2011) The tan theta theorem with relaxed conditions.

2011.113: Yuji Nakatsukasa, Naoki Saito and Ernest Woei (2011) Mysteries around the graph Laplacian eigenvalue 4.

2011.112: D. Steven Mackey (2011) The Continuing Influence of Fiedler's Work on Companion Matrices.

2011.111: Robert Sandling (2011) Endomorphisms of the Steenrod algebra and of its odd subalgebra.

2011.110: Fernando De Teran, Froilan Dopico and D. Steven Mackey (2011) Fiedler companion linearizations for rectangular matrix polynomials.

2011.108: J Hook (2011) Products of random Max-plus matrices.

2011.107: V Botella-Soler and Paul Glendinning (2011) Emergence of hierarchical networks and polysynchronous behaviour in simple adaptive systems.

2011.105: Robert Sandling (2011) Centralisers in the unit group of the Steenrod algebra.

2011.104: David Silvester, Alexei Bespalov and Catherine E. Powell (2011) A framework for the development of implicit solvers for incompressible flow problems.

2011.102: Nicholas Dingle (2011) GPU-based solution of Continuous Time Markov Chains using CUSP.

2011.101: Robert Sandling (2011) The lattice of column 2-regular partitions in the Steenrod algebra.

2011.100: Robert Sandling (2011) A presentation of the Steenrod algebra using Kristensen's operator.

2011.93: Alistair Boyle, Andy Adler and William R.B. Lionheart (2011) Shape Deformation in Two-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Tomography.

2011.90: Nicholas J. Dingle and Nicholas J. Higham (2011) Reducing the Influence of Tiny Normwise Relative Errors on Performance Profiles.

2011.88: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum and Roger Plymen (2011) Extended quotients in the principal series of reductive p-adic groups.

2011.86: Sven Hammarling, Christopher J. Munro and Francoise Tisseur (2011) An Algorithm for the Complete Solution of Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems.

2011.85: Yuji Nakatsukasa (2011) On the condition numbers of a multiple eigenvalue of a generalized eigenvalue problem.

2011.84: Yuji Nakatsukasa, Kensuke Aishima and Ichitaro Yamazaki (2011) dqds with aggressive early deflation.

2011.81: Yuji Nakatsukasa (2011) Eigenvalue perturbation bounds for Hermitian block tridiagonal matrices.

2011.79: Tommaso Flaminio and Hykel Hosni (2011) A note on the algebraic structure of conditionals.

2011.74: Younes Chahlaoui (2011) An interview with Paul Van Dooren.

2011.73: G.W. Evatt, J. Moriarty, P.V Johnson and P.W. Duck (2011) Regulating Industries under Exogenous Uncertainty.

2011.71: Anthony Bahri, Matthias Franz, Dietrich Notbohm and Nigel Ray (2011) Classifying weighted projective spaces.

2011.70: Anthony Bahri, Matthias Franz and Nigel Ray (2011) Weighted projective spaces and iterated Thom spaces.

2011.69: James Hook and Dave Broomhead (2011) Stochastic production trees as products of i.i.d. componentwise exponential max-plus matrices.

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2011.66: Paul Glendinning, Piotr Kowalczyk and Arne Nordmark (2011) Multiple attractors in grazing-sliding bifurcations in an explicit example of a Filippov type flow.

2011.65: Paul Glendinning (2011) The Two Ball Newton's Cradle.

2011.63: Paul Glendinning, Piotr Kowalczyk and Arne Nordmark (2011) Attractors near grazing-sliding bifurcations.

2011.58: Hook James and Dave Broomhead (2011) Smoothing non-smooth systems with the moving average transformation.

2011.57: Renato Vitolo, Paul Glendinning and Jason A.C. Gallas (2011) Global structure of periodicity hubs in Lyapunov phase diagrams of dissipative flows.

2011.53: Gareth Jones and Patrick Speissegger (2011) Generating the Pfaffian closure with total Pfaffian functions.

2011.45: Paul Glendinning and Silvia Pina-Romero (2011) Universal scaling of rotation intervals for quasi-periodically forced circle maps.

2011.44: David Griffiths and David Silvester (2011) Unstable modes of the Q1-P0 element.

2011.43: Awad H. Al-Mohy (2011) A More Accurate Briggs Method for the Logarithm.

2011.42: William Lionheart (2011) Differential formulations of Maxwell's equations in ansiotropic materials.

2011.41: Paul Taylor (2011) Involutions in Fischer’s sporadic groups.

2011.40: A Moss and C. P. Walkden (2011) Stable topological transitivity properties of Rn-extensions of hyperbolic transformations.

2011.39: Sara I Santos and Charles Walkden (2011) Distributional and local limit laws for a class of iterated maps that contract on average.

2011.38: A Moss and C. P. Walkden (2011) The Hausdorff dimension of some random invariant graphs.

2011.37: Maha Al-Ammari and Francoise Tisseur (2011) Standard Triples of Structured Matrix Polynomials.

2011.36: Qifeng Liao and David Silvester (2011) Fast Implicit Solvers using Stabilized Mixed Approximation.

2011.34: Glyn Rees, David Silvester and Milan Mihajlovic (2011) A truncated ILU smoother for multigrid preconditioning of convection dominated flow problems.

2011.29: P. Glendinning, P. Kowalcyk and A.B. Nordmark (2011) Attractors near grazing-sliding bifurcations.

2011.26: D.F. Tang and S. Dobbie (2011) iGen: The automated generation of a parameterisation of entrainment in marine stratocumulus.

2011.25: D.F. Tang and S. Dobbie (2011) iGen: A program for the automated generation of models and parameterisations.

2011.24: Piotr Kowalczyk and Paul Glendinning (2011) Boundary-equilibrium bifurcations in piecewise-smooth slow-fast systems.

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