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Type (article, preprint, thesis, etc.): Book

Number of items: 22.

2016.57: Frank Nielsen, Frank Critchley and Christopher TJ Dodson, ed. (2017) Computational Information Geometry For Image and Signal Processing. Signals and Communication Technology. Springer, Germany. ISBN 978-3-319-47058-0

2016.6: David F. Griffiths, John W. Dold and David J. Silvester (2015) Essential partial differential equations. Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series. Springer, Switzerland.

2015.109: CTJ Dodson, G Galanis and E Vassiliou (2015) Geometry in a Fréchet Context A Projective Limit Approach. LMS Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 428. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 9781316601952

2014.1: V. D. Mazurov and E. I. Khukhro, ed. (2014) Unsolved problems in group theory. The Kourovka notebook. No. 18. Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk, Russia.

2012.44: L.M. Bujorianu, M. Fisher and C. Pasareanu, ed. (2011) Special Issue: Formal Methods in Aerospace. ANNALS OF MATHEMATICS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, 63 (1). Springer.

2012.43: L. M. Bujorianu (2012) Stochastic Reachability Analysis of Hybrid Systems. Communications and Control Engineering. Springer, London, UK. ISBN 978-1-4471-2794-9

2011.77: Dmitry Yumashev and Vladimir Krainov (2006) Electrodynamics of the atmosphere (in Russian). Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia.

2011.47: Margarita Korovina and Nicolai Vorobjov (2011) Reachability in one-dimensional controlled polynomial dynamical systems. In Proc. The Ershov Informatics Conference, Institute Informaic Systems Press, Russian.

2008.59: Khadiga Arwini and CTJ Dodson (2008) Information Geometry: Near Randomness and Near Independence. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 1953. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany. ISBN 978-3-540-69391-8

2008.39: Nicholas J. Higham (2008) Functions of Matrices: Theory and Computation. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Philadelphia, PA, USA. ISBN 978-0-898716-46-7

2008.6: S. J. Hammarling (1970) Latent Roots and Latent Vectors. Adam Hilger, Bristol, UK.

2007.207: Anthony Atkinson, Alexander Donev and Randall Tobias (2007) Optimum Experimental Designs, With SAS. Oxford statistical Science. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 13: 978-0-19-929659-0

2007.156: Howard C. Elman, David J. Silvester and Andrew J. Wathen (2005) Finite Elements and Fast Iterative Solvers: With Applications in Incompressible Fluid Dynamics. Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computation. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-852868-X

2007.112: Alexandre Borovik (2007) Mathematics under the Microscope. Alexandre Borovik, Creative Commons.

2007.48: A. Borovik, Israel M. Gelfand and Neil White (2003) Coxeter Matroids. Birkhäuser Boston, Boston. ISBN 0817637648

2007.47: G. Puninski (2001) Serial Rings. Kluwer Academic Publishers. ISBN 0792371879

2007.25: Victor Buchstaber and Taras Panov (2002) Torus Actions and their Applications in Topology and Combinatorics. University Lecture Series number 24; OUP. American Mathematical Society. ISBN 10: 0-8218-3186-0

2006.371: Christopher Parker and Peter Rowley (2002) Symplectic Amalgams. Springer Monographs in Mathematics. Springer-Verlag, London. ISBN 1-85233-430-4

2006.342: Jianxin Pan and Kai-Tai Fang (2002) Growth Curve Models and Statistical Diagnostics. Springer Series in Statistics. Springer, London. ISBN 0-387-95053-2

2006.116: J.C. Robinson and P.A. Glendinning, ed. (2001) From finite to infinite dimensional dynamical systems. NATO Science Series, Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, 19. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht / Boston / London. ISBN 0 7923 6975 0

2006.75: Nicholas J. Higham (2002) Accuracy and Stability of Numerical Algorithms. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Philadelphia, PA, USA. ISBN 0-89871-521-0

2005.22: James Montaldi and Tudor Ratiu (2005) Geometric Mechanics and Symmetry: The Peyresq Lectures. London Mathematical Society Lecture Notes Series, 306. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge etc. ISBN 0521539579

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