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Year: 2014

Number of items: 84.


2016.48: William M Thompson and William RB Lionheart (2014) GPU Accelerated Structure-Exploiting Matched Forward and Back Projection for Algebraic Iterative Cone Beam CT Reconstruction. The Third International Conference on Image Formation in X-Ray Computed Tomography, 22-25 June 2014, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA..

2015.117: Elena E. Giorgi, Harikrishnan Balachandran, Mark Muldoon, Norman L. Letvin, Barton F. Haynes, Bette T. Korber and Sampa Santra (2014) Cross-reactive potential of human T-lymphocyte responses in HIV-1 infection. Vaccine, 32 (31). pp. 3995-4000. ISSN 0264-410X

2015.73: Tahel Ronel and Alena Vencovska (2014) Invariance Principles in Polyadic Inductive Logic. Logique et Analyse, 228. pp. 541-561.

2015.70: E. Howarth and J.B. Paris (2014) Principles of Remembering and Forgetting. Logique et Analyse, 228. pp. 489-511.

2015.69: M.S. Kliess and J.B. Paris (2014) Second Order Inductive Logic and Wilmers' Principle. Journal of Applied Logic, 12 (4). pp. 462-476.

2015.68: M.S. Kliess and J.B. Paris (2014) Predicate Exchangeability and Language Invariance in Pure Inductive Logic. Logique et Analyse, 228. pp. 413-540.

2015.61: Robert Gaschler, Johanna Progscha, Kieran Smallbone, Nilam Ram and Merim Bilalić (2014) Playing off the curve - testing quantitative predictions of skill acquisition theories in development of chess performance. Frontiers in Psychology, 5 (923).

2015.59: Kieran Smallbone and Bernard M. Corfe (2014) A mathematical model of the colon crypt capturing compositional dynamic interactions between cell types. International Journal of Experimental Pathology, 95 (1). pp. 1-7.

2015.33: Gareth O. Jones and Margaret E.M. Thomas (2014) Rational values of Weierstrass zeta functions. Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society.

2014.77: Michael Crabb, John Davidson, Ross Little, Paul Wright, Alexandra Morgan, Chris Miller, Josephine Naish, Geoff Parker, Ron Kikinis, Hugh McCann and William Lionheart (2014) Mutual information as a measure of image quality for 3D dynamic lung imaging with EIT. Physiological Measurement, 35 (5). pp. 863-879.

2014.73: Simon Cotter, Klika Vaclav, Laura Kimpton, Sally Collins and Alexander Heazell (2014) A stochastic model for early placental development. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 11 (97).

2014.64: Raphael Assier and Xuesong Wu (2014) Linear and weakly nonlinear instability of a premixed curved flame under the influence of its spontaneous acoustic field. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 758. pp. 180-220.

2014.63: Tom Shearer (2014) A new strain energy function for the hyperelastic modelling of ligaments and tendons based on fascicle microstructure. Journal of Biomechanics, 48. pp. 290-297. ISSN 0021-9290

2014.46: James Montaldi and Oleg G. Smolyanov (2014) Transformations of measures via their generalized densities. Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics, 21 (3). pp. 379-385. ISSN 1555-6638

2014.40: James Montaldi and Citlalitl Nava-Gaxiola (2014) Point vortices on the hyperbolic plane. J. Mathematical Physics, 55 (102702). pp. 1-14.

2014.26: Nicholas J. Higham (2014) Sylvester's Influence on Applied Mathematics. Mathematics Today, 50 (4). pp. 202-206. ISSN 1361-2042

2014.19: Sebastien Duminil, Hassane Sadok and David Silvester (2014) Fast solvers for discretized Navier-Stokes problems using vector extrapolation. Numerical Algorithms, 66 (1). pp. 89-104. ISSN 1017-1398

2014.17: Jianwen Huang, Shouquan Chen and Zhongyou Tuo (2014) Tail behavior of the generalized Maxwell distribution. Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods. ISSN 0361-0926

2014.14: James Montaldi (2014) Bifurcations of relative equilibria near zero momentum in Hamiltonian systems with spherical symmetry. J. Geometric Mechanics, 6. pp. 237-260.

2014.3: Riccardo De Pascalis, I. David Abrahams and William J. Parnell (2014) On nonlinear viscoelastic deformations - a reappraisal of Fung's quasilinear viscoelastic model. submitted to Proceedings of the Royal Society A.

2013.84: Nicholas J. Higham and Samuel D. Relton (2014) Estimating the Condition Number of the Frechet Derivative of a Matrix Function. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 36 (6). C617-C634. ISSN 1064-8275

2013.58: Nicholas J. Higham and Samuel D. Relton (2014) Higher Order Frechet Derivatives of Matrix Functions and the Level-2 Condition Number. SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 35 (3). pp. 1019-1037. ISSN 1095-7162

2013.21: Mary Aprahamian and Nicholas J. Higham (2014) The Matrix Unwinding Function, with an Application to Computing the Matrix Exponential. SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 35 (1). pp. 88-109. ISSN 1095-7162

2013.16: Alex Bespalov, Catherine E. Powell and David Silvester (2014) Energy norm a posteriori error estimation for parametric operator equations. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 36 (2). A339-A363. ISSN 1095-7197

2012.114: Robert Andrew and Nicholas J. Dingle (2014) Implementing QR Factorization Updating Algorithms on GPUs. Parallel Computing, 4 (7). pp. 161-172. ISSN 0167-8191

2012.81: Howard C. Elman, Alison Ramage and David J. Silvester (2014) IFISS: A computational laboratory for investigating incompressible flow problems. SIAM Review, 56 (2). pp. 261-273. ISSN 0036-1445

2012.61: Lijing Lin, Nicholas J. Higham and Jianxin Pan (2014) Covariance Structure Regularization via Entropy Loss Function. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 72. pp. 315-327. ISSN 0167-9473

2012.38: CTJ Dodson (2014) A review of some recent work on hypercyclicity. Balkan Journal of Geometry and Its Applications, 19 (1). pp. 22-41. ISSN 1843-2875


2014.1: V. D. Mazurov and E. I. Khukhro, ed. (2014) Unsolved problems in group theory. The Kourovka notebook. No. 18. Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk, Russia.

Book Section

2015.2: C.E. Powell, T Shardlow and G.J. Lord (2014) Preface to "An Introduction to Computational Stochastic PDEs". In: An Introduction to Computational Stochastic PDEs. Cambridge Texts in Applied Mathematics. Cambridge University Press, USA. ISBN 9780521728522

2013.76: Nicholas J. Higham (2014) Numerical Conditioning. In: Claude Brezinski and Ahmed Sameh, (eds). Walter Gautschi. Selected Works with Commentaries. Birkhauser, New York, pp. 37-40. ISBN 978-1-4614-7033-5

2013.27: Nicholas J. Higham (2014) Functions of Matrices. In: Leslie Hogben, (eds). Handbook of Linear Algebra. CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, 17.1-17.5. ISBN 978-1-4665-0728-9

Conference or Workshop Item

2015.31: S.B. Coban and W.R.B. Lionheart (2014) Regularised GMRES-type Methods for X-Ray Computed Tomography. In: The Third International Conference on Image Formation in X-Ray Computed Tomography, 22-25 June 2014, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

2014.27: Mishari Al-Foraih, Paul Johnson and Peter Duck (2014) Investment Lags: A Numerical Approach. In: 3rd International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems, 6-8 March 2014, Angers, France.

MIMS Preprint

2015.10: Paul Glendinning (2014) Invariant measures for the n-dimensional border collision normal form.

2014.76: Elisabeth Ullmann and Catherine Powell (2014) Solving log-transformed random diffusion problems by stochastic Galerkin mixed finite element methods.

2014.74: Simon Cotter and Radek Erban (2014) Error Analysis of Diffusion Approximation Methods for Multiscale Systems in Reaction Kinetics.

2014.59: Mario Berljafa and Stefan Güttel (2014) Generalized rational Krylov decompositions with an application to rational approximation.

2014.56: Mario Berljafa and Stefan Güttel (2014) A Rational Krylov Toolbox for MATLAB.

2014.53: Christian Schröder and Leo Taslaman (2014) Backward error analysis of the shift-and-invert Arnoldi algorithm.

2014.52: Brian Hartley (2014) Automorphisms of finite soluble groups. Preliminary version.

2014.51: T D Butters, S Güttel, J L Shapiro and T J Sharpe (2014) Statistical cluster analysis and visualisation for alarm management configuration.

2014.50: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2014) The principal series of p-adic groups with disconnected centre.

2014.49: Yuji Nakatsukasa and Vanni Noferini (2014) On the stability of computing polynomial roots via confederate linearizations.

2014.48: Charles W. Eaton (2014) Morita equivalence classes of 2-blocks of defect three.

2014.47: Jianwen Huang and Shouquan Chen (2014) Convergence rate of extremes of generalized Maxwell distribution.

2014.45: Graham Niblo, Roger Plymen and Nick Wright (2014) Affine Weyl groups and Langlands duality.

2014.44: William R.B. Lionheart and Philip J. Withers (2014) Diffraction tomography of strain.

2014.43: Dennis Amelunxen and Martin Lotz (2014) Gordon's inequality and condition numbers in conic optimization.

2014.42: Paul Bradley and Peter Rowley (2014) Orbits on k-subsets of 2-transitive Simple Lie-type Groups.

2014.41: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2014) Geometric structure for Bernstein blocks.

2014.39: Stefan Güttel, Eric Polizzi, Peter Tang and Gautier Viaud (2014) Zolotarev quadrature rules and load balancing for the FEAST eigensolver.

2014.38: Fernando De Terán, Froilán M. Dopico and Javier Pérez (2014) Technical report on backward stability of polynomial root-finding using Fiedler companion matrices.

2014.37: Maria Alexandrou and Ralph Stöhr (2014) Free centre-by-nilpotent-by-abelian Lie rings of rank 2.

2014.36: Ralph-Uwe Börner, Oliver G. Ernst and Stefan Güttel (2014) Three-Dimensional Transient Electromagnetic Modeling Using Rational Krylov Methods.

2014.35: Mario Berljafa, Daniel Wortmann and Edoardo Di Napoli (2014) An optimized and scalable eigensolver for sequences of eigenvalue problems.

2014.34: Edvin Deadman (2014) Estimating the Condition Number of f(A)b.

2014.33: Anne-Marie Aubert, Paul Baum, Roger Plymen and Maarten Solleveld (2014) Hecke algebras for inner forms of p-adic special linear groups.

2014.32: Jennifer Pestana and Andrew Wathen (2014) A preconditioned MINRES method for nonsymmetric Toeplitz matrices.

2014.30: David Ward (2014) Conjugate p-elements of Full Support that Generate the Wreath Product Cp wr Cp.

2014.29: D. Steven Mackey and Vasilije Perovic (2014) Linearizations of Matrix Polynomials in Bernstein Bases.

2014.28: Frommer Andreas, Güttel Stefan and Schweitzer Marcel (2014) Convergence of restarted Krylov subspace methods for Stieltjes functions of matrices.

2014.25: Lars Karlsson and Francoise Tisseur (2014) Algorithms for Hessenberg-Triangular Reduction of Fiedler Linearization of Matrix Polynomials.

2014.24: Younes Chahlaoui and Margarita Korovina (2014) CICADA Collection.

2014.21: Leo Taslaman (2014) An algorithm for quadratic eigenproblems with low rank damping.

2014.20: Alexandre Borovik and Sukru Yalcinkaya (2014) Black box, white arrow.

2014.18: Patricio Farrell and Jennifer Pestana (2014) Block Preconditioners for Linear Systems Arising from Multiscale Collocation with Compactly Supported RBFs.

2014.15: Vanni Noferini (2014) When is a Hamiltonian matrix the commutator of two skew-Hamiltonian matrices?

2014.13: Edvin Deadman and Nicholas J. Higham (2014) Testing matrix function algorithms using identities.

2014.12: Y Bazlov, A Berenstein and A Mcgaw (2014) Twists of rational Cherednik algebras.

2014.10: Leo Taslaman (2014) Strongly damped quadratic matrix polynomials.

2014.9: Leo Taslaman (2014) The principal angles and the gap.

2014.8: Nicholas J. Higham and Edvin Deadman (2014) A Catalogue of Software for Matrix Functions. Version 1.0.

2014.7: James Hook (2014) Max-Plus Singular Values.

2014.6: James Hook and Françoise Tisseur (2014) Tropical Eigenvalues.

2014.5: Sergio Mendes and Roger Plymen (2014) L-packets and depth for SL_2(K) with K a local function field of characteristic 2.

2014.4: Peter Rowley and David Ward (2014) On Pi-Product Involution Graphs in Symmetric Groups.

2014.2: D. Steven Mackey, Niloufer Mackey, Christian Mehl and Volker Mehrmann (2014) Möbius Transformations of Matrix Polynomials.


2015.4: Leo Taslaman (2014) Algorithms and theory for polynomial eigenproblems. PhD thesis, Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences, The University of Manchester.

2014.75: Michael Crabb (2014) EIT Reconstruction Algorithms for Respiratory Intensive Care. PhD thesis, The University of Manchester.

2014.57: Ramaseshan Kannan (2014) Numerical Linear Algebra Problems in Structural Analysis. PhD thesis, Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences, The University of Manchester.

2014.55: S. D. Relton (2014) Algorithms for Matrix Functions and their Frechet Derivatives and Condition Numbers. PhD thesis, Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences, The University of Manchester.

2014.22: Christopher Welshman (2014) Dimensionality Reduction for Dynamical Systems with Parameters. PhD thesis, The University of Manchester.

2014.11: Martin Adamcik (2014) Collective Reasoning under Uncertainty and Inconsistency. PhD thesis, Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences, The University of Manchester.

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